The boy with the black Toms (Harry styles fanfic) "ON HOLD"

Mia's P.O.V
I was sobbing while walking down the street and I was asking myself why is he doing this to me, I then found the alley and ran in and just sat against the wall sobbing with my head in my hands but then I heard some foot steps I was getting worried when I looked up I couldn't see anything, when the light started to creep in I could see it was a boy in the black Toms.

What will this boy do to her will he just treat her worse then she's been treated or will he save her from what she was going through find in the boy with the black Toms


3. chapter 3

I got woken up by my phone ringing and I looked at the caller is my dad iv been so afraid that he could find me and try to hurt me again but I have Harry he is protecting me but not right now.

Because he is with the boys, the boys wanted me to tag along bit I didn't want to because I just want to be alone. It's tht time of the month and you can't blame a girl for staying because of her stomach.

I grabbed some motrin and took it because of my stomach. The pain was gone very quickly. I sat down on the couch and turned the tv on. My favorite show was on it was Catfish on MTV.

I ignored my dad I hope he won't blow up and just try to find me. I'm just scared for myself and Harry.

I just passed it out of my mind and continued watching my show.

Harry's POV

I wanted Mia to come so bad because I really like her she's beautiful funny sweet I just can't stop thinking about her, but in the other hand I don't want her to be hurt by her dad he is the one that was treating her bad and I hope she is still a virgin because I want to be her first.

Me and the boys are just going to hangout with Perrie. Liam has been so sad about him and Sophie I wonder if he is ok about it.

I just got a call it was a random number I answered it.


Who is this

Miss friend Josie.

What happened

She is in the hospital I found her on the floor with blood all around her.

What I said as my hands are sweeting and I'm about to cry.

What's wrong Harry Niall asked.

Mia's in the Hospital I yelled.

WHAT the boys said in unison we need to go over to her.

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