The boy with the black Toms (Harry styles fanfic) "ON HOLD"

Mia's P.O.V
I was sobbing while walking down the street and I was asking myself why is he doing this to me, I then found the alley and ran in and just sat against the wall sobbing with my head in my hands but then I heard some foot steps I was getting worried when I looked up I couldn't see anything, when the light started to creep in I could see it was a boy in the black Toms.

What will this boy do to her will he just treat her worse then she's been treated or will he save her from what she was going through find in the boy with the black Toms


2. chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V

I think I'm going to go outside and pick some food up I'm hungry so I went and walked to a fast food to take home I orders my food and drink and paid. I was out of the door. When I was walking I saw the ally and heard some sobbing it sounded like a girl crying so I went in and got closer and closer to the person until I could see the person it was a girl crying she looks scared so I said don't be afraid whatever your crying about I can help u through it I heard her say u won't understand why I asked because I bet u never hon through this she said we'll I can help u what's rong I touched her shoulder I felt her flinch at my touch but then I quess she felt my warmth

she kind of calmed down

Mia's P.O.V

I heard the boy say don't be afraid why are you crying I can help with whatever your going through. you wont understand. please tell me. fine when I was 14 my mum died and my dad started to beat me blaming me for moms death.

Harry's P.O.V

When she said that I just wanted to go into tears. I had a worried expression on my face why would anyone want to hurt a beautiful girl like her. hey you know I can take care of u I'll let u sleep in my master if u want

Mia's P.O.V

I heard him say that he can take care of me and let me sleep in his master of course I said yes because I wanted to be away where my dad could never find me. Ok I will go with you but can u carry me cause I'm about to fall asleep I said shure I will so he put his food in his big bag he had and carried me bridal style my arm was rapped around his neck.

We finally got to Harry's home and I was to tired to wake up so Harry carried me up and tucked me in he didn't have to change me cause I had comfy pants and shirt on but he took of my white converses and tuck me in. I woke up with the smell of food so I went down stairs with my brown long curly hair down.

I saw Harry making pancakes and I said hey. good morning sleepy head he said. do you have a phone Harry asked? my dad crushed it because he wanted to spend some romantic time with me. Wow he said we'll were getting u a phone today he said. no I don't want to spend your money. no it's fine.

we ate breakfast and he said let's go get you a phone. ok. so we got in his car drove to the phone place and I got a phone I got a iPhone 6. thanks Harry I love it. Np he said now would u like to go shopping for u some clothes. sure. then u can meet the boys. Boys what do u mean I said. oh u don't know. know what. I'm in a boyband named one direction. oh I heard of it. cool. so we went shopping got thousands of outfits for me that was really cute and some comfortable for hangin around the house. 

I got to meet the boys which were nice and we got to go eat dinner with their girlfriends and they were really fun to hang out with. it was finally tie for bed so I slept in the master.

Goodnight Harry I yelled from the master

Goodnight babe he yelled

I blushed when he said that


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