Kiss of Truth ( Justin Bieber )

'' Sky, When I look at you, I feel something I've never felt before. It's something with you that makes me feel like the happiest man on the planet. Maybe I'ts your beautiful eyes, maybe it's your pretty smile. I dont know. All I know, Is that I can't live without it. I love you Sky.
Justin ''


1. S.S Sky Sawyer


Skylar Sawyer is a regular girl from a small town in Georgia. Sky lives with mum who's just seperated from Sky's dad. They're going through a hard period. And her mum doesn't got so much money. She's 17 years old but soon it's her 18th birthday. Her bestfriend  Alex also turns 18 the same day. They both wanna do something special on their birthday. But they both are out of money...They got some problems to fix but they are willing to do anything to celebrate their life's best birthday together.

- Sky's P.O.V-

* Beep Beep *

I looked down at my phone and saw Alex's name on the screen.
'' Got a crazy plan for our BD, meet me at the mall at 4. ''
I began to wonder what she had in her mind. I put my phone down in my pocket, took my books and went to the classroom. 1 hour left, then I could find out what Alex meant with her message. It felt like the longest and most boring lesson I'd ever had. When I heard the bell ring I took my things and went to my locker. I looked over at the football team that went past me in the hallway. After them, all the cheerleaders came. I wish I was a cheerleader, popular and beautiful. When they had passed, one of them stopped. It was Lola. She  went to her locker which is next to mine. I started to pack my things quick. I didn't want to make an awkward situation. I locked my locker and walked out to the bus. 

When I saw Alex sitting at a café at the mall I began to run a little bit. 
I run to her and gave her a big hug. I asked her about her plans for our birthday next week and she told me we should rob a bank and use all the money for a trip to Paris.
- Haha, You are an idiot, You know that, Right? I said and laughed. 
- Hahaha okay, maybe a little bit stupid, but we can't stay in this boring town forever?!
After she said that I told her I agreed, but it's so hard to do something without money. 

We stayed at the mall for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun. When I came home I started to planning what I was going to wear the next day. The next day when I was 18. Can't believe the time was passing so fast...
Seconds after I heard the knock, I saw my mum come into the room. She had something in her hand, a big plastic bag...
- Hi sweetheart. I know we haven't had it so good lately. But me and Alex's mum, Savannah, Saved money and bought this for you for your birthday tomorrow. I know you wanted to go to LA, NY or something cooler on your birthday, but I thought maybe you could find some good place to wear this. She said and offered me the plastic bag. 
I opened it slowly and carefully. In the big plastic bag, it was a brand new dress. It was the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I held it up infornt of my mum and both of us stood there all quiet.

- Do you like it? Mum asked.
- Mum... I, I can't find words... I LOVE it... I said and gave her a big hug. 
Me and mum sat on my bed the whole afternoon. We talked, Laughed and Smiled. 
After she leaved my room I called Alex. She had also been given a dress to wear tomorrow. She also asked me when and where we were going to wear our dresses. I hadn't thought about that yet. In fact, I had no Idea. 


Mum's happy voice woke me up in the morning.And..


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