My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


3. Your cute when you stutter

I really had to tease styles today. I love it when he bites hit lip and when I tease him he always puts a hand on his lower area. I smirked at the thought and I put thick layers of mascara making my eyelashes really long. I did cat eyes and put on some blush and listen closely, pink lip stick. I threw on a pair of very short high wasted shorts that me hot pink, I put on a black tight short sleeved belly that hugged my body and gave me some cleavage. I am happy about my body. I know I may sound slutty but I really do need a guy and since it's not illegal I can date Harry, I do like him but I won't admit it unless he says he likes me. I straightened my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked downstairs and threw on a pair on black combat boots. I smirked and grabbed my phone and bag and started to walk to school. Brooke goes with her new boyfriend and it doesn't bug me.

I walked inside and the boys smirked at me and started to wink. I was really early today. I walked down the halls and once I was away from all the groups I walked into Harry's classroom. Once I walked in his eyes went wide.

I closed the door and locked it and walked over to his desk and moved his stuff over and sat down on his desk. I grabbed his tie and pulled him over an she started to stutter trying to say I looked good and I said "your cute when I stutter" he smirked feeling braver he leaned in and I bit my lip and he mumbled "don't bite your lip, you don't know what it does to me". I smirked and looked down and i said "that isn't a bad thing for me" . I kissed him and he licked my bottom lip, I pulled away an realized there is still 40 minutes till class starts. "Bab- Har- mr.styles, I'm gonna go to Starbucks you want anything?". He smirked and said "when knowbody is here you can call me babe or harry, and whatever your having" dammit he noticed that and I smiled and nodded.

I ran to the Starbucks in campus and got two tall pumpkin spice lattes and I ran to the class. I ran in and the Harry said "babe, are you trying to impress me? With the outfit and all?" I shrugged and said "Would that be bad?" He smiled and said "your perfect the way you are, don't try to impress me cause you caught my eye already, would you um-" he said and then the 5 minutes warning bell rung and I went to my seat and he said "Can you talk to people around you so I can move you to the front?" I giggled and nodded.

The bell rung again and everyone was here and class started. I started to talk and Harry moved me to the front like he said. I kept biting my lip and then he had to sit down which made me giggle quietly. I did that all class and he was blushing like crazy. After class I was collecting my stuff and everyone walked out and then I was about to when Harry pulled me back. "Your lucky im wearing tight pants so you can really notice" he said an I looked down and you could kinda tell what he had. I tried not to giggle so I bit my lip which made him do a cute whine. "What are you gonna do about it?" He asked and I smirked and whispered "I have some ideas" quietly so he couldn't hear and he asked "what kind of ideas?" With a smirk. I blushed and said "come to my house today since it's the weekend. Come over, we will go in the hot tub, and have a blast, come as soon as u can" I winked and bit my lip and giggled as he grabbed himself. I shook my head and walked to my house.

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