My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


1. The new house

I would like to thank everyone who is reading this, it means a lot to me and I apologize in advance for my spelling mistakes.

Taylor's POV

All my stuff was in the taxi and I was on y way to my new house. I came from California, to England because my dad was originally from here. He said he would pay for everything if I came here, so why not right? Oh and by the way this is not a big deal but my dad's Simon Cowell.

So the taxi stopped at a large house and...WOW. I got out and the taxi driver got out and threw everything of mine on the side walk and I was shocked but still payed him and I remembered what taxi number it was so I can complain to my dad, yah one thing is don't mess with me.

So the moving truck nicely took my stuff inside, even the stuff the taxi driver threw out and I payed then and gave them each a tip. A girl walked out of the house beside mine and smiled at me. I smiled back and then she said "Hi I'm Brooke Lax, I'm your neighbour and I already know that we are going to the same college since we are wearing the same hoodies" I smiled and said "Hi Brookie! Can I call you that?" I asked and she nodded and said "my name is Taylor by the way Taylor Cowell, but you can call me Tay". She nodded with wide eyes and said "is simon Cowell your dad?" I nodded and then she said "don't take this creepy but I always wanted him to be my dream dad." I giggled and said "Well than welcome to the family!" She smiled and we put all my stuff away.

She went to the kitchen with the kitchen boxes and I went to find a room for me and then I unpacked all my stuff and put some things in drawers, hung some stuff up in the giant walk in closet and hung in my mirror, made my bed, and hooked up my tv. I hung up some pictures and brought my bathroom stuff to the bathroom. I unplaced that stuff and I made all the other beds in the house and I went to the kitchen to see Brooke sitting on the counter I rolled my eyes and giggled. "By the way I broke two glasses, a plate, and a bowl. Did I forget to tell you I'm not good with fragile things?" I laughed and nodded. We went to the backyard cause se was telling me how amazing it was.

We walked back and there was everything, a pool, hot tub, fireplace with chairs and benches around it, a garden, a patio with a barbecue, and extra room for a game of soccer or as the Brits say "football" even though I'm half British.

"Wanna go swimming then order some pizza?" I asked and she nodded and ran to her house to get her bathing suit. I ran to my room and put on my pink bikini and walked outside with a towel. We went swimming and ordered pizza just like we said an then she went back to her house to get a good sleep for college.

Thank you for reading the first chapter! How was it? Was t okay or should I delete the story?

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