My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


13. News

I was sitting with my dad and Harry and then my dad said the news "Well I'm getting re-married".

I was shocked. I blinked a couple times and I couldn't swallow the lump that was in my throat. I shook my head and said "How could you? I thought you loved mom? Do you even care that she died?!" He sighed and said "Princess of coarse I do, I loved your mom dearly and I could never forget her. Just please dont be mad."

I shook my head and said "Dad I need some time to think." He frowned and nodded. He stood up and shook Harry's hand and said "It was nice to meet you". Harry nodded and said "You to." He waved and walked out and Harry came and gave me a hug.

"Why does he have to do that?" I asked crying into his shoulder. He was rubbing my back and then he kissed the top of my head and i smiled. "I remember when you were walking into the school and then we bumped into eachother. Right when I looked into your eye I knew I loved you, I want to be with you forever so will you marry me?" and he got down on one knee.

I was shocked. I covered my mouth and Harry was smiling. I closed my eyes and said "Doesnt this seem to early?" his smile soon faded away and he stood up. "Baby please! We dont have to get married straight away. We can wait and if you want to call it off you can okay? I'm not forcing you but please think about it? I wanna be with you forever. I wanna get married, move in together, have kids and get pets and then when we get old watch our children have children. I love you".

I had tears in my eyes and kissed him "Hearing you say that is amazing, that all sounds perfect, I love you and I will marry you".

He smiled and kissed me. "Oh and baby, while you were gone, me and my mates made a band and were trying out for the X-Factor". I smiled and said "Thats fiancee".

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