My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


7. New Cat

At the end of the day I walked to the office and dropped off some papers at the office and walked out of the school and started to walk home. It was a nice, peacefully and short walk. I walked into my house and realized how lonely it was, I needed a pet.

I walked into the bathroom and had a shower. I did all my business. I got out and looked at the clock, it was 4:30 so I would go to Harry's, stay till 6 then get a pet.

I got ready wearing burgundy shorts and a black tank top. I left my hair naturally wavy and just put on mascara. I threw on black flip flops. And grabbed my phone and purse and walked out the door. I walked over to Harry's since he was next door.

I walked over and knocked on his door. He opened up the door and I said "babe, I can only stay till 6" I said and he frowned. "Whhhy?" He asked pouting. "I'm getting lonely at my house so I'm getting a cat". He smiled and said "Ooooh! A kitty! Can we go get it now?!" I giggled a said "it's up to you babe". He smiled and nodded. He threw on shoes and we walked to his car. I sat in the passenger side and he got in and started to drive.

"Baby that's the pet store!" I said laughing as he drove by it". He looked confused and said "Oh okay" and turned around and parked in the parking lot.

He ran inside and I laughed running after him. I saw him looking at the cats and then he was attached to one that was very fluffy and it was grey. I smiled and he passed it to me. I smiled and said "it's perfect". We walked to the cat isle and bought a bag of kitten food, a bed, some toys, a water and drink bowl, a litter box, some littler and some other needed stuff.

We walked to the front and then the lady told us the total and then I looked down to get my wallet when I heard "Have a nice day". I looked up confused to see Harry putting his credit card alway and I pouted.

"Why did you pay?" I asked and he said "a gentleman always pays" . "But it's my dad's money anyways! He doesn't even spend a quarter of the money he gets in a month!" I said by mistake and he looked at me and said "that explains it, your last name Cowell, your dad's Simon Cowell!" I giggled and said "congratulations you want a prize?" He smirked and said "I have a few in mind". I shook my head at his thoughts and said "later". I heard him whisper something and I grinned and said "well what are we gonna name her?" Harry sighed as if I asked him the hardest question in the world and he said "what about fluffy?" He asked as I shook my head and he said "ummm tinker?" I smiled and said "Perfect" and he said "just like you".

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