My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


9. Been caught

*skip 3 months**

I was walking over to Harry's after school to see if he was okay because he wasn't at school so we had a mean supply. I went in my purse and grabbed the key he have me. I opened the door quietly and went to his room.

I went up the hall and I quietly opened his door. I walked in and saw him sleeping...but with a blonde beside him and his arm wrapped around her.

I ran outside crying and made sure not to wake then up.

I went home and wrote a long note to Harry. U put it at his door. I went home and packed my stuff. I called a cab and it can quick. I looked at the house, then Brooke's old one. Yah she moved to Los Angeles cause her family did.

I put my suitcases in the cab and we drove to the airport. Once we arrived I went to security and showed then my ID so I could go on my dad's private jet.

Once I was on I went to the couch and laid down. I cried and cried and cried, then I felt the urge to throw up.

I ran to the bathroom and threw up. It made sense since I had so much pressure on me.

Once I finished I went to my seat and they gave me food. I sighed and ate it. I listened to some music and fell asleep.

I woke up to the flight attendant saying how we were here so I got up. I got into the limo and they took me to my giant home.

I walked into my house and saw that knowbody was home. I got an idea. I made dinner and put it on the table and I left a note saying "I'll be back soon, I love you xoxo".

I texted Brooke saying "Hey babe, miss you lots, what's ur address so I can send you a gift?" Soon she replied telling me an so got a bow from my moms closet. I got onto my longboard and I skated to the address.

Once I got there I put the bow on my head and I rung the doorbell. The door opened and there I saw her she looked shocked and she hugged me.

I explained everything to her and she frowned and hugged me and she said. "You should stay here and go to college with me" she said joking. "That's not a bad idea, come to my house later! Just looked up Simone Cowells address!"

I said running out of the house then I got a call and I answered "Hello?" I said and they said "babe where are you?" was Harry. "Didn't you get my note?" I asked trying not to cry. "No" he said and I said "Well Harry. I went to your house the other day after school to see if you were okay and I saw you with some chick sleeping nakid. I know what happened I'm not stupid. I wasn't good enough, you should've just told me! Well anyways were over and I moved back home and I'm dropping out of school. bye."

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