Carrie has a secret nobody other than her closest family members know about. Because of what she did, she is sent to a Catholic summer camp by her parents as a punishment. Carrie is devastated and doesn't want to go, but when she gets there, everything is different than what she expected it to be.


1. The Bad News

----Ok so the first chapter is a little bit boring, but I need to introduce the yeah enjoy ;)-----


Carrie's POV

"James, we need to tell her now so she has time to understand why we are doing this. She needs a punishment and she might not accept it. So we have to give her some time."

I can hear my mother talking to my father in low tones. Her intentions are to be secretive, but I can obviously hear her.

"I know, darling. I know. But it's only two days."

I've had enough of this talk and just walk in on them. As soon as they see me they put on a fake smile but I can't be bothered to pretend I didn't hear them.

"Mom, dad. What is it you want to tell me? I heard you." My mom's smile fades and my dad looks at his hands.

"Honey..." her voice trails off and I nod to encourage her to keep talking. 

"Darling. We both know what happened. And we have decided you need to be punished, because something like that can't be ignored. I hope you understand. We're sending you to a summer camp organized by a catholic chuch and you're staying there for 8 weeks."

My mom tells me in her calm, explaining tone. My jaw drops. What the fuck?! And then it hits me. Summer holidays start in two days. Fuck.

"Mom!! NO! You can't do that to me?! I'm not even fuc-"

I stop right in the middle of me swearing. I know I'm not allowed. Well, that decreases my chances of making them change their mind.

"Carrie, don't you dare say that again. There are no discussions about this. You're going. End of story. Now you'd better start packing your stuff because you're going to need a lot of clothes for 8 weeks. I'll come and check when you're done." I storm upstairs and start packing.

                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

"Good. You are in room number 24 with two girls called Amelia and Kelly. I'm sure you'll get along just fine. Now, you're a little bit late and you may find that many of the girls here are already settled. Most of them have already been here for a week, but I have no doubt that you will find friends quickly. Dinner is at 7:30pm."

A nice lady tells me as soon as I arrive at the summer camp. She's short but very pretty and seems to be around 35 years old. I smile thankfully, pick up my suitcase and walk towards the shacks, scanning the doors for number 24. I get to number 24 and hesitantly knock.

"COME IN!" a girly voice screams.

I open the door and I see two blond haired girls sitting in one of the beds play fighting with a curly haired guy. As I look at him closely I realise he is extremely attractive. I didn't know there were attractive guys in Catholic camps. 

"Uh. hi. " I say. "I'm Carrie." I add.

The three of them just stare at me blankly. The boy looks away and one of the girls get up, smiling enthusiastically.

"Hi! I'm Kelly, and thats Amelia! Nice to meet you!" she almost shouts.

Why is she so happy? I glance over at Amelia who just turns her head. Okay then... Both of the girls are incredibly pretty and I instantly feel uncomfortable.

"You can sleep there!"

She points to a bed in the corner. I go to where she pointed and drop my bag on my bed.

"Oh! And this is Harry, by the way." she says, introducing my to the guy.

"Hey," I just say quietly. 

"Hey" Harry mumbles in a very sexy, deep voice. 

Amelia giggles stupidly and I just shake my head. 

"What, you little slut? You think I'm stupid?"

I whirl around and stare at her in disbelief. Did she really just say that. Harry laughs and so does Kelly. Wow. I have nice roommates.

"Yeah, dont say anything. Its better that way" she giggles again.

I just look at her, trying to convey a "what the fuck is your problem" in my expression. Suddenly, Harry gets up and walks over to me. I start freaking out. 

"Babe, don't listen to her, she's always jealous of pretty newcomer girls like you,"

he says, so close to my face that his brown curls brush my lips. I can feel his breath on my neck.

"uhm ok. I...yeah. I think its dinner time."

wow, that was a stupid thing to say. Ugh. Harry winks at me.

"You do realise I just made you a compliment, right?" 


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