Carrie has a secret nobody other than her closest family members know about. Because of what she did, she is sent to a Catholic summer camp by her parents as a punishment. Carrie is devastated and doesn't want to go, but when she gets there, everything is different than what she expected it to be.


5. Niall

Niall's POV

I spin around and see Harry leaning against the farme of the door. He's glaring at me, his green eyes gone completely dark. I smirk, amused by the fact that I kissed the girl he was trying to get. 

"Niall. I was looking for you." he said without any emotions.

"Oh, really? Well look, you've found me." I reply. 

Harry just looks at me without changing his expression. Sometimes I don't understand him. He can be so funny and sweet at times and then the next minute he turns into this dark, mysterious guy. That's supposed to be Zayn's role, being mysterious, I mean. Carrie gets up and walks towards Harry. I can tell he is extremely nervous around her. His jaw is clenched tightly and his eyes are focused on her. She stops in front of him and leans forward slightly. I expect she's going to kiss him but instead she starts talking. 

"I get your game now." she says slowly, almost seducingly. "You try to get the new girls and if it doesnt work out, you always have your lovely friend Amelia. By the way, she has some serious issues and definitely thinks she owns you." she continues in a low tone. Then she turns around, smiles at me and says "Bye Niall, it was nice spending some time with you. Maybe we can meet again later." she winks at me, ignores Harry and walks out our shack. As soon as the door closes shut I get up and walk to Harry. 

"What the hell were you thinking, Harry? You know perfectly how jealous Amelia gets of other girls! Look in what position she is now. Amelia hates her and she even has to share a shack with her. And you know what that bitch did? She threatened Carrie and pushed her on the ground. If I wouldnt have been there, I'm sure Amelia would have Carried on and hurt her badly. I feel so sorry for her that she has to sleep in her shack. In fact, you know what? I'm gonna get her now and offer her to stay in ours because I care for her. I might not know her more than a few hours, but she seems special and I don't think it's fair she has to get treated like shit from Amelia. And you know what? It's your fault. Maybe you should consider apologizing." 

After my lecture to Harry I leave the room and head over to Carrie's shack. I knock on the door carefully. I expect Amelia or Kelly to open but it's Carrie.The room behind her is empty. I notice in shock that she has red eyes and tears are rolling down her cheeks. 

"Carrie! What happened?" I ask her, worried. She just sobs into my shirt and I hug her tightly. 

"Hey, do you wanna sleep in our shack tonight?" I ask her. I can feel her nodding. I take her hand and pull her with me to our shack. Before we enter I put my hands on her shoulders and look her right in the eyes. She has beautiful green eyes with hints of blue and brown. 

"Carrie, listen to me. I know Amelia treats you like shit but remember that its not your fault ok? Its because of Harry and Amelia gets really jealous of girls who are prettier than her. And thats the case with you, ok? You are so beautiful." I tell her and she just looks at me sadly. I dont know if this is right but it hurts me to see her crying so I lean forward and press my lips on hers. At first she doesnt react but as soon as I place my hands on her cheeks she begins moving her lips in sync with mine. The kiss is so sweet that I dont want it to end, but she pulls away and starts shaking her head. 

"Whats wrong Carrie?" I ask her, not understanding why she stopped. 

"Its just..I used to be a bit like Amelia, you know? Not a jealous bitch but I used to go with every guy because I knew they all liked me and I was that sort of girl who would end up having sex with at least two guys at every party. But then I found a guy who was special enough to change me. I loved him so much but with him I did something extremely wrong and he made me make a lot of wrong decisions. I...I dont really want to talk about that right now, but what I'm trying to tell you is...I'm not like that anymore. And I've been here for only a few hours and already I've made out with two guys. I dont want to be like that, do you understand?"

I nod, a little bit disappointed and surprised that she used to be that way.

"Listen, Niall. You are incredibly sweet and you're the only person today who made me feel a little bit better. But maybe we should slow down and start with being friends, ok?" she offers.

"Yeah, I guess." I say, smiling weakly. She strokes my cheek and smiles back. She nods towards the door and I push it open. All the boys are already lying on their beds and when I come in with Carrie I get four questioning stares. Well, Harry knew, he shouldnt be surprised.

"Lads, Carrie is gonna sleep here tonight. Amelia is treating her like shit, I hope you all dont mind. Shes gonna sleep in my bed." I say, while I look at her. Carrie nods and goes over to my bed. She sits down and I lie down next to her. I tug at her shirt for her to settle down and then I wrap my arms around her waist, taking in the sweet smell of her perfume. 

"Good night beautiful Carrie." I whisper into her ear. 

"Good night Niall." she answers quietly, turns her head, and gives me a kiss on the cheek. 

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