Carrie has a secret nobody other than her closest family members know about. Because of what she did, she is sent to a Catholic summer camp by her parents as a punishment. Carrie is devastated and doesn't want to go, but when she gets there, everything is different than what she expected it to be.


4. Getting Caught and Rescued

Harry's POV


I curse under my breath. I push Carrie behind me and open the door carefully. My heart skips a beat when I see Amelia standing there. Her eyebrows are raised and her lips are pursed; a clear sign of disapproval. I open my mouth wanting to explain everything to her but she just puts a finger on my lips and shushes me.

"Shh, don't talk, just let me in. Dinner is over anyway and I feel like having some fun," she says in a seducing tone. I can't help but imagine her underneath me. But then I remember Carrie is behind me and I shake my head.

"Amelia babe, can we postpone that? I need to do some homework I got over the summer." I lie to her. She obviously doesn't believe me and laughs fakely. She puts her hands on her hips and leands forward, exposing her breasts even more than what they already are. Shit. I close my eyes so I don't fall for her tricks again. She makes me feel weak and I hate it so much.

"Of course Harry. Since when do you give a shit about school?" she says, frowning. Then she just pushes me to the side and walks into my room. I hear her scream and laugh in disbelief. She glares at Carrie, then at me. Her jaw drops low. "Please, Amelia. Let me explain." I try telling her, but I know that she wont let me. Giving Carrie one last glare, she storms out Shack 12, almost crying. I turn to face Carrie, her face just as disbelieving as Amelia's. I reach out to stroke her cheek but she backs away, shaking her head. 

"Really? So this is your game? You tell me I'm different and then you need to give another girl explanations? You probably just tell this to any other girl...I thought you were serious! But who was I kidding? I hardly even know you," she yells at me. I feel a strange stinging in my heart I've never felt before. Damn it, she's right! We hardly know each other! But if only she knew I don't say that to every girl. How can I tell her she reminds me so much I can't even bare thinking about it. I just took it too far too early. Get your shit togehter, Styles. 

"Please, Carrie...just let me explain!" I say, and regret it straight away. Her jaw drops.

"Really?! Explain? Just like you wanted to explain everything to Amelia? What do you want to explain to me?! That I'm just your toy that doesn't know the rules to your game and so you can do what you want with me? Well, guess what! I'm not playing along. There's plenty of other girls out there who would love to be your little toy,"

she says coldly, leaves the shack and slams the door shut.  Why does she react that way? I've never experiencd something like that. Usually the girls fly at me! I don't understand. I kick a chair in frustration, breaking one of the legs. 


Carrie's POV

I run out the shak, tears welling up in my eyes. Why am I reacting this way? I should be used to this by now! I used to do it all the time, be a guy's toy. I just guess Rafael changed it all. But Rafael is the past and there's no need to think about him now. He's made me make too many wrong decisions. I run towards shack 24 but I slow down when I see a bunch of girls standing in front of it, whispering and giggling. One of them notices me coming and stops talking abruptly. Then, all the other girls notice me too. I realise Amelia is standing there as well. Shit, this can't be good. I stop walking and just stare at them. 

"Well, hello there, little slut." She spits out the word in disgust. All the other girls laugh, some of them uncertain because they probably don't actually want to be mean. They just do what Amelia does because she's craved by the guys. I don't say anything at all. I wouldnt know what. 

"Do you know what happens in Shack 12?" Amelia smirks, tilting her slightly. Her tone is so menacing and full of hate. I shake my head. I obviously dont know. 

"Well, you witnessed it yourself. That's where sweet little Harry takes all the girls he wants to fuck. Only sluts like you get in there the first day." she snickers evily and I just want to slap her across the face. I dont believe her, but something about the way she said it makes me think shes telling the truth. 

"Is this true?" I ask, already knowing the answer. All the girls nod, but only Amelia comes up to me and spits it right into my face.

"Yes. And you should seriously stay the fuck away from Harry because he's mine. You get it?" 

I nod. I wasnt planning on taking him away from her anyway. I back away a little but she just comes forward and pushes me to the ground. I fall hard on my wrist and wince in pain. Suddenly I hear a deep voice behind me. 

"Leave her the fuck alone!" I turn around and see Niall, the blond guy from before, standing behind me with another dark haired guy. If I remember correctly his name was Zayn. Amelia suddenly becomes shy and walks away. Niall reaches out for me and I take his hand, thankfully. I get up and brush off the dirt from my pants. 

"Thanks," I mumble. Niall smiles at me. He has a really nice smile. 

"No worries! You okay? Your wrist? Those girls are horrible. Never really liked'em." he says in an Irish accent. 

"My wrist is fine, thanks and yeah, I dont know why they hate me. I did nothing wrong," 

"Well...actually you went into Shack 12 with Harry. You managed to get in there faster than any of these girls here. Thats what makes them so jealous," Niall explains, then winks at me. I smile and then look at Zayn. He's staring at me and something in his dark eyes scares me. I look back at Niall quickly and try to ignore Zayn. 

"Do you want to come and chill in our shack? Don't worry, with us inside it no sluts get in. And you, beautiful, are certainly not one. I know that," he says. He is so sweet. I nod and he takes my hand. He leads me to Shack 12 again and for some reason my stomach tightens. I'm sure Harry is still in there and somehow I dont want to have another encounter with him. Niall opens the door and pushes me in gently. There is no sign of Harry. Why am I disappointed?

"Where's Harry?" I ask, trying to hide my disappointment. 

"Uh I have no idea. He probably went to smoke a cigarette." ugh, he smokes? That sucks. I shake my head and sit down on one of the beds. That's when I see a picture of a girl with a guy kissing her cheek half hidden underneath a pile of school books. I slide it out from underneath them and realise that it's a picture of Harry with a girl. But something about that girl freaks me out. I feel like I know her but I just can't quite put my finger on who it could be. I examine their faces. Harry looks so happy with her and she looks like its the best day of her life on that picture. I lay it back where it was, thinking this is none of my business. I feel the bed beside me sinking a little and see Niall next to me. Zayn is lying on his bed with huge head phones on so I doubt that he can hear anything. 

"So, why don't you tell me something about yourself? Why are you at this summer camp?" Niall asks. No, please not that question. 

"Uhm its a long story, maybe I'll tell you that another time. How about you?" I ask him.

"Well, my parents divorced and they thought it wouldn't be so good if I stayed around during summer. They said I needed to get my mind off that and its actually working. I've been here for a week and I'm having a great time." he explains to me. I feel a bit sorry for him. He seems sad about the divorce.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that. But its nice to hear you're having a good time," I say, trying to comfort him a little. He smiles and I can see that his gaze drops onto my lips. I bite them subconciously but maybe I shouldnt have done that. Niall looks back at me and then I catch myself looking at his lips in return. I can feel a sort of tension between us, as if both of us wanted to give in and start kissing but neither of us had the courage.

Then, before I could even decide whether this is a good idea, Niall leaned forward and kissed me. It was soft but long and intense. I placed my hand on his leg and he put his on top. Then, just as we were about to start making out, someone opened the door. 


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