Carrie has a secret nobody other than her closest family members know about. Because of what she did, she is sent to a Catholic summer camp by her parents as a punishment. Carrie is devastated and doesn't want to go, but when she gets there, everything is different than what she expected it to be.


2. Dinner

Harry's POV

I feel bad for having put Carrie in an uncomfortable situation but I had to tell her what I thought. I craved her pink lips so bad but I couldn't kiss her in front of Amelia. She hates new girls that may be a potential threat and could get the boys' attention away from her. Plus I don't even know anything other than her name. That has to change. But I need to talk to her in private, not in front of all the other girls. 

Carries POV

I have no idea where to sit seeing as I dont know anyone. I look around, everyone already has a seat and there is no space for me. As I'm about to turn around and leave, a blond guy stands up and waves me over to him. At first I thought he means someone else, but I'm the only one standing around so I walk over to him and smile shyly. 

"Hey! I'm Niall! You must be Carrie?" he says.

"Uhm Yeah I am, nice to meet you Niall!"

I smile at him, grateful for his kindness. I havent experienced much of that yet. Niall scoots over a bit and pats the space next to him on the bench. I sit down and almost get a heart attack. Harry is sitting right in front of me, staring at me incessantly. I smile and realise I am surrounded by guys. All the girls are sitting on the other end of the room where other tables are. Except for Kelly and Amelia. Great.

"Hey Carrie, I'm Louis, these are Zayn, Liam and Harry. We're in a band!" he says proudly. How cute. I smile nicely at all of them and when I get to Harry my smile fades. He winks at me. What?Ok.

"Carrie, can I show you something?" Harry asks nervously. I nod, curious about what he means. He gets up, waits for me to get out of my seat and nods towards the boys' shacks. I swallow hard and walk with him in that direction.

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