My Orphan Story

i dont really know but i am going to make it better than not complete that was my first book and first times somtimes sucks but second should be better hope you like it please comment on it.


3. The Death

 Ya its sad but not much i turned 16 and my fake dad is dead all i got to wait on is my fake mother to die then i can move out and live in a different state for once. 

So my fake mom died in a car crash so i'm packing up to go to Pennsylvanian i like it there very beautiful. When this girl was flying to Pennsylvanian  the plane crashed so this poor girl was very injured they toke her to the hospital to check her out she broke all four limbs black eyes lots of blood but they heeled her up and she toke a rental car there since she got her licences to drive it toke about 2 good hours to get there not long. It was hard to do it because her broke arms and legs she still made it with her clothes and stuff when she got there she passed out on the ground the next day a man woke her up and said hello you passed out so i called an ambulance for you. Thank you she said. But she didn't know it was her dad and they went to the hospital.

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