This is and imagine book of all the boys! Request one in the comments and I will do for whatever boy you want!


4. Louis Imagine!

~Hey guys! This is for Miami! She wanted an imagine with Louis! So I hope you like it tell me what you think and fan me!~

Ahh it feels so nice being able to come to my Lou's concerts! He has worked hard so much as of the rest of the lads too. He is so perfect though.. I'm glad to call him mine. The lads always joke around about us being together. They call us Mouis be caused we've been together for 2 years!

As the boys come out everyone cheers! Then Louis speaks up and says, "This song goes out to my love, Miami! Come on up here love!"

I began to blush when everyone cheered me on! All the lads sung little things to me.. I was in tears. At the end Lou got on one knee and said, "be mine forever please my love!"

The crowd chanted, "say yes say yes say yes!"

And I said, "yes! Yes I will!"

Lou picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and we kissed as the crowd cheered, " Mouis Mouis Mouis!"

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