This is and imagine book of all the boys! Request one in the comments and I will do for whatever boy you want!


3. Harry Imagine

~Hey guys! This is an imagine for Yissel and Harry! Tell me what you think!!~

"Hey Yissel! Let's go into Journeys!," Lysa said.

Hmm, I kinda wanted to go to Abercrombie and Fitch instead but oh well. "Sure," I said.

When we went over to Journeys I went straight to where the uggs and sperrys were. Before I could show Lyss the really cute sperrys I wanted I turned around and I seen love at first sight. He had perfect curls! He was talking in a British accent though! How adorable.. He had 4 other friends with them. Before I was able to walk over there they walked up to me and the one with curls said, "Hello gorgeous, you have a phone?" All the rest of the guys snickered and said,"Harry you will never have a chance with such a beautiful girl like her!"

I was so happy! I said, "Yea it's 704-835-6949!"

Harry said, "thanks! You wanna go to the food court just you and I?"

"Yea! I mean.. Yea.. Just let me uh.. Go tell my friend.," I said

"Hey Lyss I'll be back! You hang out with these four!" I said and ran off quickly and grabbed Harry's arm and you guys were off!

"So babe, what do you want? It's on me??" He said

Babe? I thought.. Are we dating!

"Why'd you call me babe?," i said

"Because I want to be sure your mine on the first date and he leaned in and kissed me!

"Yes, you are the sweetest! I Yissel by the way!(:"

"And I'm Harry"

And you guys continued to kiss for awhile

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