The Civil War

About the confinements of a broken relationship. It's about two people in love and at war.



When we fell in love we erected 


Monuments of one another


We built our cities out of paper and glue and tape


And stuck it together half haphazardly


A hodgepodge of crudely drawn 


Landmarks and city names


That begins with the capitals of “You” and “I” and “Us.”


All of the borders of our fingers and palms interwoven


But now the pen ink has run dry


Ink bleeds from saltwater


Our sobs like oceans and seas 


Ravaging the sand and tossing our earth


Our cries like the constant clapping of thunder 


Sizzling crackles of lightening


Now our love has become a maelstrom 


Of words and ellipses in our mouths


“I’m sorry” and “Why don’t you love me” 


A cacophonous rush of tidal water


Now our erected monuments and paper cities 


Are waterlogged and all I taste is seawater in my mouth 


And when I trailed my fingers


Across the expanses of your landscapes


Unfurling the lines of my borders into uncharted territory


It doesn’t make seeds blossom and burst 


From the scorched earth of my heart


Now all of the glue and paper and tape have been tossed haphazardly into the ocean


All of the skies overhead are gray 


And all of our borders and capitals have been lower cased


All of our cities and towns have been soaked 


And all of the ink has bled into open water


And “I’m sorry” is the contract that I tried to sign to end the (civil war) of our minds


But “I’m sorry” is never enough to erase the permanence of unfurled smoke


Floating ghosts of what we had drifting over the tide


It is not enough. But one day it might just be enough.  

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