Notorious Miranda

Ledwig Nelson Find's him self forced into a Marriage from a woman called Miranda .


2. Meet the Vasantes


          CHAPTER 2            
           A Freind
     Lewdig was drinking tea on her kitchen  he sips it like a boss he wonders his eyes on the room looks at the materialistic furnitures it's very stylish 
   he holds his check  " uhm how do you afford this expensive stuff "      miranda walks by holding a magazine " That is for me to know and for you to  shut up "         

        0.0  lewdig was surprised by her reaction given that he was he has been staying at her appartment for the past 2 weeks 
  since she bailed her from jail .             he never talked much before now or then  but he would think alot  
in his head wondering why she proposed to him if she doesn't even like him . 
he takes his tea and caries it to the dining  and he washes it  sparkly clean but he forgot to return it from the shelve 
she saw him and was aggitated by this again so she knocked him on the stomach and told him to put it on the shelve .  
he didn't even care anymore he only lookedd at her .  she had bright blue eyes and short

sunlight hair and had beautiful features her body was strong and fit given she was a
cop and that she practised martial law ,tae kwondo , yoga ,brazilian salsa  she was also
 very creative she woke up at 3:00 am and take her sketches and do some paintings she is a perfectionist.
                       she grips his neck  were you  " Lustfully looking at me right now " he replied " Noo NOoooo "
    she kicks him on the nutts  " Don't play with me "   ouch he just collapsed on the floor 
"What the hell  what did i do i look at you it's a problem a don't put a cup on it's shelf it's
 a problem if i eat and i haven't prayed it's a problem  what do you want to do with me woman " 
             she looks at him  " You wanted to die anyways what's your problem this is what you wanted right pain " 
          he replied " No i don't to be beaten by a  woman "     she looks at him with pitty eyes touching the buttons of his shirt" 
 Well what should i do " he replied " well you could be nicer it doesn't take  anything now does it  " she leans over and about to  kiss him
     BAaang    a bullet flies between their faces it came from the sitting room which is just behind the kitchen  it's her brother Heradion
 he had a hat on his head and he was smoking a cigar he stood up rotating his two revolvers with his fingers .

Herdion  "Boui you better nat tauch ma Sista  imma kill ya "    lewdig was realy freaked out sighs  
he calms down the fact that he had forgotten that he had always been there ever since he moved in .     
lewdig decides to walk out he held his hands on his pockets  and spoke " It's clear no one wants me here so i am just going to walk to the park "
   Miranda now cleaning the dishes   " You can go if you want no body is forcing you " he decides to walk out 
of the door  it was 1:00 pm and the cloud was still bright  he walked to the side walk and decides to walk to
 the bridge near by so he went there and started rethinking what was happening

         "Should i just leave or should i stay i cant handle her brother  or even her " he grabs a stone and throws it at the water down at the bridge Splashh!! 
                    " Nice throw " a girl walks by she was 1 ft shorter than him she just came from jogging
   "Rebeca " she says as she shook his hand   " My name is lewdig " he replied  . 
 " You are not from around here are you " " Nah  " he says looking down and stares at the river she does the same the both stare off at the river for hours.
 she then spoke " Girl freind problems "   
 "Nope but it's kind off the same thing " lewdig replied" Oh how so "
Rebecca said  
" Well it's a long story"
 "Tell me i am here right" she said honestfully

he told her about everything  and he almost finished the part that he walked away  
and she was astounished by his story  " Wow you have a wife "  she said  
  "Yea kind off "  he said       " What do you have any idea how many people would fight just to get 
a beatifull wife are you gay "  she replied  
     .   " ofcourse not " he answered  " Then stop yapping around and go get this chick "     
"Right nice talking with you rebeca so i am just going to walk away " as soon as he turns he sees heradion with his gang of 40 members they were all holding a club on their hands heradion the leader himself batting his in his hand over and over

"Oh it's getting down you playing with my sista her amigo "          he replied " No amigo she is just my freind esta lu eche " he
 doesn't know what he is saying

FLOSH he got slashed by his bat on the chick and fell down it slightly hit him  Heradion kept slashing vigorously
 over and over it kept hitting him on his lower body lewdig didn't want his teeth to come out especialy at his age
       the rest of the gang was just cheering him getting beaten  Rebeca rushes to save him  by kicking heradion's
 bat which ended up flying hitting one member of the gang  " Mother......" heradion spoke           " Well well 
what do we have here so this the B.... you been hanging with on the back of my sista"
                  "No what she is my freind  something i don't have "       Heradion ignores him anyways 
he grabs Rebeca and the took her with the rest of the gang  .          lewdig stood up on his feet 

" You are not taking that girl "   heradion " Say what "   
" You are not taking that girl mitch i am going to stop and i will kill you if i have to and i don't care if my wife is your sista "
        Heradion held her  down and walked toward him " trying to be a hero aren't you " he punched him right through the neck and 
kept punching him on the stomach Lewdig fell down over and over but he kept crawling up even when he was thrown down 20 times
 he still stood up and managed to grab Heradion's fist he gripped it  with his hands so tightly to the point  he fell 
down and that was it .        he looked at the rest of the gang every one of them charged at him but he defeated all 
of them with his bare arm .and walked to Rebecca   " I am realy sorry buddy " he said

" It's okay she said now go get your wife " she replied .  lewdig ran home very fast and asked for forgiveness only to meet heradion there again  ..


He was beaten to a Pulp

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