Notorious Miranda

Ledwig Nelson Find's him self forced into a Marriage from a woman called Miranda .


4. Berserk Inside

Chapter 3
                       Nelson was laying on his bed Beat's audio headset was worn on his head covering his ears , he shook his  head back and forth as he was driven by the music in his heads a tennis ball was resting on his palms he threw it from the wall in front of him it bounced back over and he kept throwing back again over and over  .

 He yawned scratching his head thinking whether it was a mistake to accept all these so soon,

                         in his life he never thought of having a family nor has being a husband ever crossed his mind he still wonders what was wrong with Miranda  and why him  this was all crazy       He pulls his arm looks at the clock it's 4:00 am asks himself why he woke early in the morning in the first place  , the past few days he had been beaten by

 Heradion over not making a breakfast for Miranda the last thing on his mind  was to get involved with his gang.   In a hurried way rushing like

 a little kid whom had just received a Christmas present he unworn ed his head set he went down stairs where the kitchen was and he took the broom he swept the floor clean later he cleaned all the  dishes sparkly

                    clean one almost swept out of his hands but he rescued it from being torn into pieces     He sighed ! Relieved after getting done with the dishes he prepared breakfast and layed  them on the table slowly he didn't want to wake up Heradion whom was a sleep on the couch the T.V was still on .                             

      He turned it off slowly and sneaked back    CLICK ! The sound of a gun being Reloaded and it was on his head he raised his chin only to see Heradion Vasantes  staring at him  ,he had a cigar staring at him  As he spoke whilst the cigar played on his mouth  " if it Ain't the hero boy always trying to be ol goodie is breakfast done ?  "                      


   Nelson replied back     " Yes sir it is done "  Interrupted  " Did you put my favourite yogurt as well " he answered back   " Yes sir    "Int-erupted again

" Che ! Just because you are nice doesn't mean i still want you near my sista ya get me "

         nelson looks at his time he is already late for his meeting  " I understand sir " he replied

Vesantes lowered his gun and had let him pass  through ,

unfortunately nelson did not have a car not that he couldn't afford           one he just didn't want one instead he spent his money on a motorcycle at the parking lot of the house one was waiting for him this one was  an orange BMW motorbike beautiful and smashingly designed he jumped on it and drove through traffic  breaking the speed limit he was an awesome driver

being chased by cops over the past years chasing out  scammers from his job had taught him allot he is a man of many skills . At one point he had to slide the bike beneath a lorry's open space and jump through thee bridge breaking the rules cops knew his bike in every mornings he did the same thing and they would be tired of trying to catch up with him ..

 VROOM he drifts his bike near a tall building he is already at his office he pulls his helmet off and walks inside     Receptionist " hello Mr. Nelson sign here please " he signed quickly   He leaned his face and asked  " Where is the meeting being held again i have been running late " after finishing what she was typing  she replied " Room 4915X33   " Okay thank you " as he walked away rom the reception's desk l ooking through the surroundings that weren't of new to him the building was

 rearly polished and was made of bright marble colors with expensive pieces of art galleries here and there together with random  statues .    Finally he walked towards the room of the meeting swiped his ID card but it didn't let him through " What ! " he panicked he always took his job seriously      

 " Oh if it isn't Nelson " he receives a huge pat on the back it's his senior boss he had blonde hair a really tall handsome man whom the  ladies had admired  he had a light skin he intimidated Nelson in allot of ways  they both walked inside the room .

    In a surprise there was allot of people whom were looking at Nelson making him feel uncomfortable  he conserved his energy and let his lips speak  " I can explain "one of the member of the meeting whom had glasses on walked toward him and gave him a hug and whispered on his ears        " Dude way to go i just received the awesome news you have a wife

" tears start dripping out of his face           as he continued " that's so awesome man i thought you had a problem sorry for judging you "

 Nelson replied in shock ! " Huh!! "   as he un-hugs him slowly he looks at the room every body said  showed Respect!  .          There were about 30 members on the meeting room and 12 were  female members and all of them had worn dark clothes including him and his leather jacket

Their job was to chase down scammers ,con artist famous thieves solve mysteries  and reduce the bad from the society it was more of like a club nelson had been working with them for allot of years now but business had always been business life was still harder                 

            and his social life to well that is until today they have spoken and noticed him  ,    He walked by and pulled the chair and sat down , one red haired guy with sword on his back raised his arm  .  The senior spoke yes " Femi you may speak "  Femi spoke  " I just have a question for Mr nelson " Senior  replied " You may ask him if you will "

                        Femi  shifts his head towards Nelson and had spoken " Uhm hey Nelson congratulation on your marriage but wht do you do here exactly i haven't seen you going through the fights before " Nelson scratches his head 

 " I .. I uhm  i am the one whom drives fighters on my bike to catch the bad guys "  sweats flow on his spine as he answered 

Femi  replied again " Oh okay so you drive while we all fight  who is this guy "

 Nelson   " I am Nelson nice to meet you sir " 

Senior  " Cut it out Femi that was very rude okay let's get back to business "

 he took              his remote and turned on the projector  , in this screen they had viewed the scammers or thieves they want to capture learn of their habits and time and plan routes on how they would capture them  sometimes they are rewarded by the police but in rare times because the police never agreed on their methods .

 The Senior boss  speaks  " Okay so this week our assignment is to capture these criminals here " he presses the button as the pictures changes   " Holly Crap ! " Nelson spoke as he saw the picture of Vasante heradion                The senior heard him and noticed that it was after the last 2 pictures he had reacted on and he rewinded back to it again    " Nelson do you know this guy here " Nelson : That's Miranda's Brother Senior : Miranda Nelson : Also known as my wife Femi : Okay here we go with the drama Che!this guy is annoying Nelson: Shut up your trap !

                                   Femi pulls out his sword slowly ,  " You want some of this huh ! "    Nelson was already agitated as he pulled the jacket of his sleeves backwards  " bring it on you Bitch !  " The Senior stopped them at once 

CHAPTER 3 : The Anti Justice co-operation

 " I am sorry  " Nelson replied   Senior replied back " it's okay  good thing is you know this guy here and that would be our key to discover the ones  he has been in contact                                     with the DEAD SKULL GANG   well we would take him in to but his gang has been clean for along time "

Nelson spoke " Oh my god sir you don't understand he is realy a terrifying person " Femi int-erupts  " Says the chicken "  Nelson  was realy angry at this point  " Sir let me do this job i want to take him down together with the SKULL GANG "       " Are you sure  " the senior asked      

       " Of course i am  " He said whilst grabbing his fist tightly          


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