Written in my Memory *complete*

After a tragic accident that nearly caused her death, Lia loses her memory. She can't remember anything that happened to her before that fatal day; anything except one name. One name she keeps repeating over and over again: Zayn.


13. That day ~ Zayn

Zayn's POV

Pacing around the room, Liam exclaimed,  "but what is he doing? He told us he was on his way fourty minutes ago! Has he got lost or what?"

Niall and Louis, who were chatting in a corner, stopped talking at once to stare at the now angry Liam.

"Calm down!" Niall sighed before Louis added, "he'll come soon! It's not an emergency. Just a simple meeting."

"But still! He better not have forgotten about it!"

Both Niall and Louis shrugged their shoulders.

"I'll go and look for him, Liam." I suggested, standing up to walk out of the room.

"Thanks, Zayn," Liam whispered before I left.

While making my way toward my car, I called Harry, hoping he would answer his phone.

"Hi Zayn!" his voice exclaimed happily in my ear a few seconds later. At least he was still alive, I thought.

"Where are you? Liam is getting mad," I told him and he chuckled.

"I'm at the park! And Liam should relax, I'm not late!"

"Yes, you are! Haven't you seen what time it is?" He didn't answer but I heard him gasp after a short while.

"I'm coming, so stay where you are."

"Thanks, Zayn! You're saving my life!" I giggled.

"I won't save you when you see Liam, though!" I could imagine him probably shrugging his shoulders.

"I'm at the same place as usual if you know where it is! See you!" He exclaimed and hung up without giving me time to answer.

I put my phone back in my pocket and as I reached my car, I shook my head, sighing. I better pick him up quickly. I stepped in before driving away.


Twenty minutes later, I parked my car near the small park Harry was in and got out of it. The place didn't seem to be crowded with people but there still were chances Harry could be recognized.

Not wanting to wander around the whole place, I started walking slowly while calling Harry a second time.

"I'm here!" I said straight away.

"Okay! I'm near the pond!" he shouted. And then, he screamed, "Haha! You won't catch me!" And he hung up.

Who was he talking to? To me? What was wrong with him today?

I kept on walking in the park, meeting a few people but they were too old to have heard of our band so they didn't care about me.

I soon reached the bank of the pond but as I looked around me, Harry was nowhere to be seen. Sighing, I took my phone out to call him once again. I was starting to feel really annoyed.

"Zayn!" I heard my name being shouted behind me. I turned around but all I saw was a bunch of curls getting in my face as Harry nearly jumped on me. Losing balance, I released my phone before tripping over, making Harry and I fall in the cold water.

"Nice to see you, Zayn!" Harry said awkwardly as he sat on the top of me, his wet hair covering his forehead and eyes.

"I hate you, Harry," was all I managed to say.

"So do I," the latter replied playfully, winking at me.

Suddenly, we heard laughter near us. We both looked toward the bank where a girl with brown hair was standing, helpless with laughter. She collapsed on the ground and laughed even harder.

"We're all wet! That's not funny!" Harry yelled at her but he failed sounding serious. Seeing she didn't seem to hear him, he started to pout, crossing his arms on his chest.

"Harry," I called him, "don't want to make it sound like I think you're heavy but move your ass away. You're squishing me!"

"Oh sorry," he quickly replied while standing up. He held his hand out and helped me up. We walked out of the water and Harry rushed toward the girl. He knelt down beside her and started tickling her.

"Harry! Stop!" she screamed. "I. Can't. Breath. Anymore!"

He finally stopped after a while and stood back up, leaving her trying to get her breathe back.

"You mean girl!" And he stuck his tongue at her.

"Harry, look at the state of us!" I sighed. "Liam is going to murder you."

"I hope he will succeed!" the girl shouted at Harry, laughing.

"He won't!" he replied back. "I'm too resistant!"

I smiled and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Harry," I started and the latter smiled widely. "I will help Liam."

His face froze with shock and the girl and I burst out laughing. Harry sat down and started to pout. "I hate the two of you."

The girl stood up and walked toward me. She held her hand out, "I'm Lia."

"I'm Zayn." And I looked up toosee her face properly, my eyes meeting hers.

I didn't believe in love at first sight. Until that day.


I stepped out of the car and rushed into the small park. I didn’t care if the park was crowded with people; I just ran. I ran until I found the place where we met years ago.

But it was empty. She was nowhere to be seen. I felt anxiety growing in me as I walked up the small bridge over the pond. I looked around at the whole place from there but I couldn't see her.

I leaned my arms on the barrier of the bridge and rested my head on them, looking down at my feet. I just felt like crying. Why did I imagine finding her here? There was no reason why she would be here. She didn’t remember anything, but if I had stayed by her side, things would be different. She probably wouldn’t have ran away and have had her fatal accident. She would still remember me and we would still be together. Why did I let her go? Why did I run away when she needed me the most? I have been such a fool. Just a fool madly in love.

I felt tears forming in my eyes but closed my eyes to make them fade away. When I opened them again, looking down, I noticed a pair of shoes beside me. I lifted my head up and turned around to see who was beside me.

“Do you remember this place, Zayn?” her familiar voice whispers as a weak smile appears on her face.

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