Written in my Memory *complete*

After a tragic accident that nearly caused her death, Lia loses her memory. She can't remember anything that happened to her before that fatal day; anything except one name. One name she keeps repeating over and over again: Zayn.


5. Flashback ~ Lia

"So how was your day?" Riley asked me as she cooked dinner in the kitchen. I was sitting on a chair, watching her, while she questioned me.

"It was good! I didn't do much. I just discovered the place and who I work for. But I've been told things will be better tomorrow because the band has an interview!"

She chuckled.

"I hope you dress Niall perfectly because I'll watch the interview. And if his outfit is not as good as I expect it to be, I will burn your dinner tomorrow evening!" She winked, laughing, and I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Don't you dare go doing that!" I exclaimed, trying to sound threatening but she just laughed harder.

A short while later she finally calmed down and while trying to catch her breathe back, she stuttered, "I know you're going to dress them wonderfully . I'm just teasing!" She smiled and carried on, "and I see it still works very well on you! It didn't change." I smiled back weakly.

"Riley," I began speaking, after a moments quiet. She looked up at me. "There is a guy named Zayn in the band. Did you know that?" She froze. Luckily she wasn't holding anything, otherwise it would probably have been broken into pieces on the floor by now.

It seemed obvious she wouldn't reply nor move so I kept on talking though her behaviour surprised me, "I was just wondering whether it was a common name. Because I thought that seeing him would have brought back some memories if he was the one, whose name I remember."

"If you don't remember anything then it means it is not him you knew," she replied awkwardly. I nodded; it must be the reason why no memories came back when I met him.

After that we quickly ate dinner and spent it talking about the way I should dress the next day for work because Riley didn't want to spend as much time as she did today to wait for me to be ready.

As soon as we finished eating, each of us went to our rooms as we were both tired from our days. I got into pyjamas and fell asleep straight away.




"Come on! Hurry up, Lia!" the familiar voice yelled at me, sounding slightly annoyed and hurried. I sighed and rolled my eyes, glad he couldn't see me here.

"Calm down!" I yelled back. He groaned loudly. "We're not gonna be late!" I carried on, looking for something in the bedroom.

I heard loud and fast footsteps and soon afterwards, the door swung open, revealing an angry Zayn. "What are you looking for again?" he spat, rolling his eyes. I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. Again? What does that mean? I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at him.

"Again? Why are you saying that?"

He sighed. "We're always late because of you; you always lose something just before going. It starting to get annoying, you know."

"That's not true!" I shouted but my voice was slightly shaking because I knew he was right.

"Really? Then, if you haven't lost anything today; can we go now?" he asked with sarcasm.

"Just give me five more minutes and then we can go."

"No. Last time I gave you five more minutes to look for something, we were late and it screwed up everything."

I shook my head vigorously. "It didn't screw up. It' not my fault if she 'ain't patient!"

He knitted his eyebrows and I knew I had gone too far. "Don't you dare say that ever again. YOU screwed up everything last time because it took you half an hour to look for a stupid necklace! We arrived an hour too late so that's why she was gone. She wasn't going to wait for us the whole evening. And you didn't even apologize." He looked daggers at me.

"Okay! It was my fault!" I yelled. "You're happy now I admitted it?"

He didn't answer nor move his head; he just kept staring with an angry look at me.

"You know what? I am not coming with you this time. You go on your own!" I yelled and rushed out of the room. I ran toward the front door and walked outside. He didn't follow me.




I got into the car in silence and Riley started to drive away. None of us dared to talk during the short journey as she we were still both tired and I didn't want to talk to her about the dream I had last night. No, it wasn't a dream. It was reality; it was a part of my past. But why was Zayn in my past? I didn't remember him when I saw him yesterday so why did I dream about him? Why were we arguing in my memory?

"Have a good day!" Riley waved at me as I stepped out of the car a while later. Like the day before, I made my way inside the building and went directly to the dressing-room where I found Lou, who seemed to be waiting for me.

"Hi Lia!" she exclaimed happily and I greeted her as well. "So today, you're going to dress the boys for the first time because they have an interview, as I told you yesterday." I nodded and she got a few pictures out of a small envelope. "I have some picture of the guys so that you can see the way they usually get dressed for this kind of event."

We spent about half an hour looking at the pictures until the five boys entered the room to get ready.

"Hello!" the five of them exclaimed together as they rushed in.

We greeted them and Lou said it was time to start getting ready. Harry was the first one I had to choose clothes for. It took me a while to get an outfit which would fit him but afterwards, I was happy with the result and so was he. Then, he went to see Lou who started to do his hair.

Louis was the second one, followed by Liam. Finding them outfits was faster and a short while later, they joined Harry and Lou. The fourth one was Niall. It didn't take long to find him clothes but as he kept laughing and talking with the others, I thought he would never actually put them on. I sighed discreetly with relief once he walked toward Lou.

Only Zayn remained. I went to look for clothes in the other part of the room. I didn't think I'd be able to bear looking at him.

"Here's your outfit," I muttered, holding it up to him. He quickly put it on and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

"I like it." He smiled weakly. He was about to walk away but I held him back.

"Can I talk to you?" He nodded slowly and waited for me to start talking.

"I remember you." He opened his eyes wide and his face froze. "I had a flashback last night."

"What do you remember?" he stuttered.

"It was short but we were arguing, and it didn't end well," I explained to him, looking down at my hands. "We weren't friends, were we?" He didn't reply.

"I didn't understand why we didn't get on but I hope it won't happen again now. Can we start it all over again and be friends?" I looked up at him, smiling shyly.

"Yes, we can," he whispered. A smile appeared on his face, though sadness was sparkling in his eyes.

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