Written in my Memory *complete*

After a tragic accident that nearly caused her death, Lia loses her memory. She can't remember anything that happened to her before that fatal day; anything except one name. One name she keeps repeating over and over again: Zayn.


4. First day ~ Zayn & Lia

Zayn's POV

"Lia Evan? Really? Lia Evan?" I repeated, pacing fast around the room.

"Yes. Lia Evan," Niall confirmed with a rather annoyed tone, rolling his eyes.

"But why?" I exclaimed.

The four others lads who were sitting on the couch in the small room all sighed loudly.

"Go and ask the management" Louis answered, looking down at his shoes.

"And why did you tell her to apply?" I turned around pointing at Niall accusingly.

"What's wrong about offering someone a new job?" He avoided my question.

"I don't understand why you're in this state," Harry spoke a short while after an awkward pause. "At least she woke up. You weren't expecting her to stay in coma forever, were you?"

"Of course I wasn't!" I spat. "I just wasn't expecting her to work here right afterwards!"

I looked daggers at Niall who just smiled innocently.

"But why did you make her apply though you knew what I asked Riley. You knew I promised not to see her ever again!" 

Niall then stopped smiling and stared with a serious look at me about this.

"Stupid promise in my opinion." He shrugged his shoulders. "But she lost her memory so I don't see why you should be so worried."

"Her memory will come back sooner or later and she will remember everything including me!" I yelled. "What will I do then?"

"You will act like a grown-up man," Harry told me simply.

"What?" I stared at him, agape.

"You will live up to that choice of yours and explain to her why you did this," he explained.

I shook my head, "I can't..."

Liam sighed and we all turned to look at him. "Once her memory is back, she will hate you for not being by her side. But she will hate you even more if you don't give her any explanations." I knew he was right but I couldn't admit it.

"What did you make that promise for?" It was Louis who had asked the question. "You had been together for two years and you both were happy. I know you relationship wasn't perfect but no one's ever really is. You had ups and downs; it's normal... but why did you leave her when she was at her weakest?"

A long silence followed, during which they all look at me, waiting for an answer.

"I didn't want to but I had to," I muttered and they shook their heads at me. "I made the promise for her own good. She will be better without me."

"Why are you lying?" Niall shouted with anger. "Why are you lying to yourself? You know very well that it is not true! It's obvious it's torn you apart!"

I stared at him with widened eyes, taken aback by his words. He carried on, "you still love her; don't deny it! Do you really think you'll be able to stand seeing her every day and being nothing but a stranger to her? That's not how it should happen; you are not supposed to be a stranger to her." Niall's words were so hurtful to hear that tears started forming in my eyes. He was seeing the bad truth I wanted to close my eyes upon. Why was the truth so painful to hear?

"You don't understand..."

He laughed but it was not a laugh of amusement. "Yeah, I don't understand; that's obvious." He sighs exasperated before he continues, "I am not blind, Zayn. I can see how sad you are since that day. There is a sparkle missing in you because of her loss. You're hurt and sorrowful but you just don't want to admit it. If that's your choice, then it's fine by me but don't come to complain to me the day her memory comes back."

I thought about his words and sighed.

"I... I will try to be friends with her again, at least," I stuttered before walking out of the room.

However I didn't walk away down the corridor; I stayed next to the door, listening to them.

"He's hiding something, isn't he?" Harry's voice echoed in the room, through the door.

"Obviously," Louis replied firmly.

What have you done, Zayn? I cursed myself.




Lia's POV

"What do you think of this one?" I asked Riley for the third time, showing her my outfit.

She rolled her eyes and sighed, "it's perfect! Like the two others. Now, please, stop changing clothes or you're gonna be late!"

"No, I don't think it's a good one." I ignored her answer as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing black slim jeans slightly lifted up upon my ankles, a white silk shirt and black and golden sandals.

"It's perfect," Riley repeated again. She stood up hastily and walked toward me. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the flat before I could say anything else. I couldn't fight against her; she was too fast and stronger than me.

"But... I am not ready!" I shouted at her once we were in her car, pouting.

She started off and sighed, "of course you are. I don't see what's wrong with your outfit. And remember that you have to respect a strict schedule; you can't be late."

"I know..."

The rest of the journey happened in silence but it wasn't a very long one so it was soon over.

"Have a good day!" she exclaimed happily as I stepped out of the car. I smiled and waved at her before walking toward the entrance of the huge building where I would now be working at.

I ambled in and made my way toward the main desk but as I was halfway toward it, a woman tapped on my shoulder. I turned

"Lia Evan?" she asked me, smiling widely. I nodded and the blonde girl smiled wider. "I'm Lou Teasdale." She held her hand out and I shook it slowly. "I'm also working for the same band as you are going to be. I'm their hairdresser," she explained and I nodded, now understanding who she was. "Follow me. I'll show you around."

I smiled at her and she led me to another floor.

"It's so huge," I whispered to myself but she heard me and laughed gently.

"Yes, it is. But you'll get used to it, don't worry!"

Then, she showed me the whole floor but told me that I wouldn't go to most of the rooms so it wasn't useful for me to remember each and every of them.

"But you have to remember where this one is because this is where you will work all the time from now on," she teased me, opening a door and letting me go in first.

At first, it was a normal room with a wooden floor, white walls and a single couch against one of the walls. But then I noticed there was another part of the room further on; it was the dressing room. We went there and I just stared at it, agape. It most probably was one of the hugest dressing rooms ever. The room was larger than the living-room of our flat and there were clothes and shoes everywhere; there were so many of them that it was nearly impossible to see the walls behind them.

Suddenly, I heard voices getting closer to the room and I recognized Niall's laughter.

"It's time for you to meet the band." Lou winked at me as we walked back through the other room. "Lia, let me introduce you to One Direction."

She pointed out the five boys sitting on the small couch once we were back to the other part of the room.

"This is Liam." A tall guy with short brown hair and brown eyes waved at me. "This is..." But Niall cut her off saying "she already knows me!" Lou laughed and carried on.

"The curly-haired boy is Harry." The latter smiled, revealing his dimples and I smiled back.

"This is Louis." The fourth guy exclaimed a loud hello and they all laughed.

"And this is our mysterious man, Zayn." The last one smiled weakly and I forced a smile. Zayn?

"Now, you five better get back to work guys!" Lou told them before turning to me. "We better let you get used to the clothes here. Okay?" I nodded and they walked out. But before Zayn could walk away, I grabbed his arm and held him back. He stared intensely at me but didn't speak.

"You're Zayn, aren't you?" He nodded with an awkward smile. "That's weird. I'm sure you have been told about what happened to me," I carried on, whispering, and he nodded again knowing what I was talking about. I kept on talking.

"I may have lost my memory but there's one thing I didn't forget. I only remember a single thing. Your name is all I remember, Zayn. But I don't know why," I muttered, insisting on the word 'your'.

I released his arm and he walked away without replying.


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