Turning over a new leaf

The phrase turning a new leaf gets more meaning as Hollyleaf is given a second chance.


3. Where in the world?

I groaned. My lungs screamed with pain and if felt as if some-cat's claws were raking over my spine. I blinked open my eyes. I scanned the area. I was lying in a patch of Heathland. I could scent a lot of rabbits lived here, that earlier today it had rained and there was a puddle a few tail lengths away. A puddle! Yes, I could get water. A cool long drink would help me feel better. I knew though that I needed a medicine cat. If my mother , Leafpool, was here she would give me some poppy seeds, I thought letting a tiny tear escape from the corner of my eye. I got to my paws gritting my teeth against the pain and limped towards the scent of water. I noticed that the pain had lessened but by keeping a look out I found a poppy. I gave one seed a little nibble before continuing to the puddle. As I bent over to drink, I got the surprise of my life - ok my second life.

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