Turning over a new leaf

The phrase turning a new leaf gets more meaning as Hollyleaf is given a second chance.


4. The new me

My fur is no longer black. It is a soft dusky light brown. There is a rich warm chocolatey brown on the tips of my ears, all along the spine to the tip of my tail and in a mask over my eyes down to my muzzle. It is also on my legs like I've sunk into the mud. What happened to my sleek black fur, why is it all long and exotic coloured like, like. Like a kittypet's pelt. I sat up straight to get a better look. I also had a white chest, neck and belly. My tail was like Squirrelflight's - bushy and glossy like a fox's. On either side of my pink nose there was a line of black fur up to my eyes. There was also a black line under my ears that came from the corner of my eyes and under them were black spots. One of my eyes was my dark forest green but the other was ice blue. My ears were slightly bigger and my legs were a bit longer. I began to drink with my eyes closed. If I keep my eyes closed as I drink, I'll go back to normal I chanted.

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