Turning over a new leaf

The phrase turning a new leaf gets more meaning as Hollyleaf is given a second chance.


5. Dream of her

​Fallen leaves POV

I sit at the edge of the tunnel. I'm watching the sunset. I know that it is stupid to wait. She is not coming back. Ever. I wander back through the tunnel, to where we used to side by side. When I sleep here, she is here.

The dream started quite normal. I was wandering through a tunnel. I was heading for the tunnel mouth. At first I believed it was WindClan territory, then I noticed there was more bushes. I walked through some dying ferns. I looked up. And then saw something black fall from the sky and hurtle to earth. I was pulled in the direction that it had fell. A brown she-cat was limping to a puddle. As she looked into the puddle her reflection warped and changed, the reflection was a cat's I knew too well.


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