Turning over a new leaf

The phrase turning a new leaf gets more meaning as Hollyleaf is given a second chance.


1. Death only hurts a little

​Hollyleaf's POV

I let out a sigh of relief. The warm feeling I got from making my peace with my mother slips away into freezing darkness. Flame licks at my vision, pain racking my body, my own breathing dog claws in my chest. Flame washed over my eyes fading into darkness. I realise numbly that my neck no longer hurts. A black tide as soft as the moss of my nest rises and engulfs me. I try to raise my head but I fall back into nothingness, the Silverpelt spirits blurring around me.

I raise my head and shake it as my surroundings bluer into focus. I sit up straight. I'm at Fourtrees, but I'm dead. I gasp as I notice that Silverpelt is so close. Then one swirled onto the earth. Then they all began to fall making the whole world blur. A blue-grey she-cat with eyes like the clear blue sky, frost sparkling at her paws and glittering in her eyes. She gazed at the other cats all with pelts of white flame and the scent of ice, fire and the interesting wild places of the night. Every hair on my pelt stood up straight when she spoke. 

"Welcome Hollyleaf. My name is Bluestar."

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