Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


3. What is she?

I finally got into my apartment. I was so exhausted I just threw her on the floor. She immediately ran and hided in a corner. I left her in the living room while I went to the bathroom to wash of the blood in my face. I can't believe that beautiful girl scratched my face all over. I went into the living room, and found her sleeping on the couch. She may be pretty exhausted after scratching me like that. I slowly sat down beside her and just looked at the beauty. She had long light brown hair with soft curls. I was taller than her but not much. I started smile without even knowing it. She suddenly opened her eyes and started growling again. I got really surprised and kind of jumped backwards. "Hey, I won't hurt you." I said confused. She just looked at me while fire in her eyes. "Hey, take it easy. I'm trying to help you." I said calm, gave her my hand. She smelled my hand and tried to lick it, but she didn't remove her eyes from my face. "W-who you?" She suddenly said. I seriously got surprised, I really didn't expect that. "I'm Eli." "What want to me?" She said still scared. "What are you talking about?! I saved your life." "Saved my life?" She said. She laid her head on the side in confusion. "Yeah, you've been gotten hold as test 'animal' the last 12 years. By the way do you have a name?" I said, trying to not get to excited about the fact that she talked. "My name is 43. But nice man call me Monic." She said, relaxing more and more. shes not good at speaking, no wonder. Wait, her name is a number?! That's horrible. "Well Monic, you're gonna live with me from now on, some feel home." I said with a smile. She smiled and got up. She walked in the direction of the grey couch, but fell to the floor with a groan. I ran to her and helped her up: "what's wrong?" "Argh, high tone, hurts." Shaking her head in pain. I saw her earring blinking red. Thats not an earring!! I tried taking it out but it hurt her: "auch! Stop!" I tried once again touching the alarm but she slapped my hand away. "No that earring is an alarm." I said and tried to pull it out again, but she wouldn't let me. Then I pushed her down on the couch. I were above her leaning on my knees and hands. "I won't hurt you, I'm trying to help you." I said calmly and leaned my head down to her ear. I kissed her earlobe and slowly pulled out the alarm. I spat it into my hand and smashed it. "They'll be coming we have to leave."

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