Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


7. The First Night ....

Ethan and I were getting really for bed, while Monic was out on the toilet, pulling on her onepiece night suit. At least she has learned how to get dressed by her self....  Monic came into the living  room and smiled bright: "Im tired"  Her jumpsuit looked like a panda and it even had panda ears on it. She looks so cute in it!... I smiled and got up from the couch: "Okay, then let go to sleep." Monic nodded and ran to Ethan and hugged him: "Night, Ethan!" Ethan hugged her tight and said smiling: "hehe, goodnight, Monic."

I still can't believe that she likes me.... She must have misunderstood the feelings....


I went into the bedroom after brushing my teeth and taking on my sleepwear. A grey tank top and sweats. I turned around and saw Monic sleeping on her knees in the corner. I couldn't smile to myself, she looked so cute. I went over to her, she were sleeping lightly. I didn't want to wake her up, so instead I lifted her up and carried her to the bed. I put her under the shared carpet, and went under too. We were laying at each sider of the bed, Monic snoring lightly like was she a kitten. I were just laying there, alone, in my side of the bed.

I didn't get to think much before I heard a low whimper coming from Monic.

I sat up checking if she was alright: "Monic?" No answer just another scared whimper. I couldn't take seeing her whimpering like that. I laid down and pulled her protectively into my arms. I held her close wanting to protect her forever. Not many minutes passed before she stopped whimpering, and unconsciously snuggled closer to me.

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