Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


2. the Cage

I slowly opened the black notebook and started to read. He wrote: Dear Eli, I guess you feel ready since you read this. I'm sorry I have left you all alone. I really hope you're ready for this.


I got some tears in my eyes, by hearing his voice inside of my head. "Of course I'm ready dad." I whispered for myself, happy and worried at the same time. I decided to continue reading:

You remember the lab I was working at right? I've never told you this before, but in the animal-testing lab, there is a big cage. I want you to sneak into the lab, set her free and help her to get a new life. I was to weak to do it, but I know you can do it. Save her life.


I was shocked. I seriously sat with my mouth open. He wanted me to WHAT?! I read it again, just to be sure: I want you to sneak into the lab, set her free and help her to get a new life. I was to weak to do it, but I know you can do it. Save her life.

"It's insane!" I yelled out in my room. "But I have to do it, I can't just let a girl sit in a cage and get used as a test animal!" But I needed some information. I started flick through the pages, in hope of finding something. Oh there! He has been written down a lot of information and experiences I would need. On Mondays everybody has left the lab before 10 pm, but the meeting time Tuesday is 2 am. But I'm pretty sure you can do it on 4 hours.



When you're in the big hall then walk down the hallway and turn right. I played it again inside my head, while walking fast down the hallway and turned right. I looked at my watch. It was 12 am. Okay, now you just have to a really small hallway on left hand. At the end of that hallway there is a door. Now it's your turn to stand up. I grabbed the doorknob and slowly walked into the dark room. My hands fidget it's way to a light switch, and the room stated to light up. The large room actually looked more scary with the lights on. The animals slowly started make sounds, which only made it worse. I started look around for the big cage, and it was harder to find that it sounds. I found it! It hang in a thick chain down from the ceiling, not high from the floor. I looked at her for a minute, she was beautiful. She was sleeping on her knees with her hands tied to each side of the cage. Her head hang down, I couldn't see her face. I need to focus! I said and slapped myself. I looked around to find a way to get the cage down. I immediately grabbed the axe my eyes found all by themselves. I've never been good at throwing, but my arm reacted by itself and threw it perfectly at the chain. My mind was blown, WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? The cage fell down with a loud and horrible sound. She woke up, and went crazy. From sleeping beauty to insane monster. In a quick move she pulled her arms into her chest, and went into the corner of the cage. She started growl like a n animal and looked at me with scared eyes. I looked at the scared, growling girl with remains of chains around her wrists. Her cloths were ripped and ruined. I decided to slowly open the cage, and she growled more aggressive. I looked at my watch, it's 1am. I need to get her out now. I looked around for resolutions and saw a sedation gun. I grabbed it and aimed, it was hard because my pulse was up. I took a deep breath, and shot her. She fell to the floor immediately and I opened the cage. I took her up on my back, like a piggyback ride. She was so light. I started run, we needed to get out before anybody would come. I had a hard time remembering the way back to the hall, found it in time. When we got into the hall, we quickly got outside. I ran all the way home with her on my back. 1 mile away from my apartment, I heard something. It was the sound of growl. DAMMIT she's awake!

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