Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


4. Thanks, Bro...

"Thanks, Ethan. You're the best, man." I said while pulling Monic inside my best friend's apartment. "You're welcome Eli, and i guess you'll explain who she is later. Oh and by the way you have to sleep in the same bed since I only have one extra bedroom." Ethan said happily. Ethan always helps me, he have known me since we were kids and he knows all about me and my dead family.


"... And then I crashed the alarm and now we're here." I said, taking a sip of my beer. "So, she's been used as a test animal? That's insane! Can she talk? How old is she? Does she have any weird skills or powers?"; He had so many questions. "Yes she can talk a little, She's 16  and I have no idea." 

We just sat there drinking some beer and talking, when suddenly Monic ran into the living room and jumped over and hid behind the couch. Ethan  and I look confused at Monic, then each other. I got up and walked over to her and sat down next to her: "Monic, what's wrong?" "Sharp... Shiny.... in food room" she sobbed, scared. I hugged her tight and she started burying her face in my chest. She's so cute, and she's seem so helpless, I'll be protecting her. "Monic can you please show me?" I smiled warmly at her and she slowly nodded. She got up and took my hand, pulling me out in the kitchen, followed by Ethan. We all there stood in the kitchen, and Monic pointed at the big knives at the wall. Yeah, Ethan is a really good cook. Ethan and I looked scared at  each other, then I looked at Monic: "Monic, can you tell why they are dangerous?"  She saw up at me, with wet eyes: "Pain in body, red water on ground" as she said that Ethan and I looked at with wide eyes, then Ethan asked her: "Where did the 'red water' come from? where did it hurt?" Monic didn't hate Ethan, she liked him and seemed to trust him a lot, and that made really happy. She pulled a little up her ripped skirt and pointed at her thigh: "here" she had enormous scars and wounds, Ethan and I immediately grabbed medical stuff to clear what we could.

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