Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


5. Shopping

After we had cleaned the wound, we decided to go out shopping for some new clothes and stuff for Monic. I hold her hand, since she was so excited that she could run of every moment. People sent us weird looks; two guys walking with a girl with ripped clothes. Yeah, People might think that we had raped her or something. 

Monic started to point at a knee-long black dress and began to jump: "Pretty!! Pretty!" Ethan and I happily walked over to the shop. Luckily the clothes in this shop was pretty cheap. We found a lot of clothes for Monic, she just had to try it on. We went to the dressing rooms: "Monic, now you have to go try the clothes on." I said to her. Her head laid on her shoulder in confusion. I sighed and looked at Ethan, He just said:" She's your responsibility." I walked into the dressing room with her, and it felt extremely awkward. But luckily she had underwear, that wasn't ripped. I taught her how to take on shirts, pants and even dresses. She looks so happy, that smile makes her even more beautiful. When we were done, she hugged me and smiled happily:" Thank You" That smile just made my day.

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