Eli, a 17-year old guy, lives alone since his family is dead. But his father left him a notebook....


8. College

I felt the sun shine through the blinds and warm my face. I sat up and saw Monic still asleep, snuggling her blanket. i quietly stood up and went to the living room, where Ethan were sitting. I got some coffee and sat down beside him. "How was the night?" Ethan smiled like was he on crack. "It was great, we both slept well." I just answered, not wanting to continue the subject.

We sat some minuttes in silence, both waking up from the early morning sun. I closed my eyes and started to drift of again, when Ethan suddenly said: "You know that Monic has to start education too, right? I mean, she have to get an education to be able to live her life. And it might aswell be good for her to be social." He sounded surprisingly serious and mature. "I know that-" I said looking down. "- I just don't want her to get hurt. It's my job to protect her." I looked up as Ethan put a hand on my shoulder and sat down in front of me: "Hey. It's gonna be alright. You can protect her at school too. Today we can go get her registered at our college!" He looked me in the eyes with a smile, and pulled me into a hug. 

While we were sitting in this awkward position, Monic came out of the bedroom, looking cute as ever, rubbing her eyes and yawning. "Morning Monic!" Ethan said as he walked over and hugged her. Don't touch her...

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