Secret life


25. when will you stop

Zayn prospective

I was going to beat the living hell out of marcel but he started to cry and cry i felt bad so i just told him that i wasnt going to do anything and i walked out of the room as soon as i walk out i see daffney walking to the bathroom i grab her hand and see that she has a knife i ask her what that is she just frooze in place

I took her to the bathroom and put the knife in her hands she looked confused i then roller up my sleeves reveling yestarday cut

What are you doing Daffney said. I said you want something to cut, cut me but please dont hurt yourself. Daffney stayed quiet i saw test forming in her eyes

Daffney prospective

When zayn told me to cut him instead if me it hurt i could never hurt him i love him

Marcels prospective

Haha i cant belive that zayn belived My fake tears he might seem tough but hes just a little baby.

I walked out of My room and heard a conversation that zayn and Daffney were having

So i pull out My phone and start to récord there conversation

Im pretty sure people would love to hear that our bad boy that cuts haha with this im totallying getting Daffney

Zayn prospective

After leaving marcels house Daffney and i were watching glee when she asked me where i had the blade

I dont have it is said

Zayn im not stupid i saw the new cuts u had so please give it back


Daffney just got up and left upstairs to our room

I just stayed on the couch when i heard My phone ring i got a message it was from marcel

From Marcel

Haha i cant belive you fell for My little act but what ever so after you took Daffney to the bathroom i heard your conversation and it would be horrible if people knew that your not really a bad boy but actually a broken little boy

From zayn

Marcel dont do this please i will do anything

From marcel

Okay so i was talking to perrie and well she still has feelings for u and would like to meet up friday i sure Daffney would hate to see u with her so you have until friday to make Daffney forgive me so i can take her out and u can talk

From zayn

Arg this is going to be horrible but whatever as long as you dont say a thing

From marcel

Okay now go fix things with me and Daffney

So i walked upstairs to Daffney and after i said sorry for being so rude and and after she forgive me i started soo marcel texted me w-what he say her voice cracked a little. He said he was really sorry for what he did and he was hoping that friday you guys can talk things out because he just really hate what he has become

I saw a smile on her face and she started to text sombody and that when i got a message from marcel

From marcel

Good Job zayn she forgive me

I noticed Daffney was staring at me i smile at Daffney and i started to lean in and so did she her lips were so soft

Man i love her i needed to ask her a really important question



Will you

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