Secret life


19. what really happen

Harrys prospective

Zayn had got back to his date i couldnt help but want to kiss perrie i know she doesnt love zayn it is all a fake she had been cheating all along i know its not good or a part of the whole being nice but perrie is just so dam pretty and we both have a crush on each other so when zayn ran to check on daffney he took a while and perrie gave me a look telling me to kiss her so i did me and perrie were making out when i heard footstep coming down so i got up from the couch and thats when daffney came down and asked me about marcel i just kinda frooze then i just said that hes nobody now she kinda got mad and grabed her jacket and phone and said fine u dont want to tell me i will ask him myself than she ran out of the room

Daffneys prospective

I was tired of harry avoiding my questions about marcel so i called marcel myself

D: daffney m: marcel

D: hello is this marcel

M yes this is marcel

D: hey its daffney and well i think i keep getting flash backs about u and i need to know answers can we meet up at star buck

M: sure i will meet u there in 10 mins

D ok thanks bye

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