Secret life


18. what could he be hiding

Daffney prosepective

it has been a week know that im out of the hospital but everything is so weird I keep getting a flash back of this guy and with the same eye color as harry but he was nerdy not punk like harry I ignored them because right now all I want to know is the is harry trying to hide from me. me and harry were on the couch seeing the marked ones we were waiting for zayn and his new girlfriend perrie I had a pain in my chest when he told us there dating but I don't even know why. when zayn got back with perrie I felt sadness come over me so I ran upstairs I went up to my room I had left my phone there and it just keeped ringing so I locked my door and went to look who it was it was the guy I saw at the hospital he was face time calling me I didn't know if I should pick up or not but at the end I decided to pick up maybe he could tell me what happen as so as I pick up I see those green eyes I always see in my dreams my head starts to hurt really bad so I hang up on the guy and I thought maybe with some rest I could just forget everything but it didn't when I woke up harry and zayn were yelling my name I had like 100 messages from marcel he was worried wait I just remembered his name was remembering stuff right away I open my door zayn pulls me into a hug I push him off and ran to harry, harry hugged me and I hugged back Whos marcel? I whispered in his ear he froze right on the spot

Zayn prospective

I had come back from my date with perrie right when we walked in Daffney ran upstairs at first I smiled to myself because I thought she might have been jealousy but she was taking way to long upstairs a lot of thing started to run into my minded I panicked and ran upstairs to here from and started knocking but she wouldn't open up so I started to yell her name and that's when she open the door I was so glad to see her alive so I hugged her she pushed me off my heart shrank then I walk downstairs and see he run to hug harry I really wanted to cry

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