Secret life


8. Truth or Dare

Cynthia prospective

ok marcel truth or dare umm dare ok marcel I dare u to tell us one of your biggest secret marcel looked shocked but stood up and started to take off his shirt my biggest secret is im not really a nerd im a punk kind too he was showing us all his tattoos zayn was in shock because marcel had more tattoos then him

Marcel prospective

im glad I told Cynthia no more secrets but then Cynthia pulled me to the side and told me that she already knew I asked how she knew and she kinda pointed to Daffney and said that she cant keep a secret I felt to mad, I walked back normal like nothing happen but this time I was sitting with Cynthia

Daffney prospective

Cynthia took marcel to the side and told I have no idea what but no marcel wont talk to me and is sitting with Cynthia. so I decided to text him

To: Marcel <3

marcel did I do something or why are u ignoring me ?

To Daffney

yes u did something wrong and get use to me ignoring u because were not friends anymore

To Marcel <3

What the hell did I do this is not fair

To Daffney

stop texting me and delete my number ok were not friends also delete those pictures of us

To Marcel

bye whatever after all the time I protect u from your brother this is how u say thanks ok then bye

I excused myself and ran upstair before anyone saw me crying.

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