Secret life


14. This is all your falut

Zayns prospective

I got Daffney in my arms I was going to take her to the nurse and see what I can do when I leave there girls backroom marcel and Cynthia are swallowing there faces i interrupt and say while your to busy swallowing each face Daffney over here is dying then I just left leaving them with a shocked look

Marcel I had been kissing Cynthia for a while now idk why but it felt right but then came running out of the girls room with Daffney in his hands she was full of blood and life less I instantly regret not running after her when Cynthia stepped on her not to mention she had soccer shoes on. This was all my fault

Cynthias prospective

to see Daffney look dead killed me I let the jealousy take over me and now my bff is dieing because of me I wanted to cry I went to the bathroom because I hate people seeing me cry but that didn't help there was blood everywhere then I noticed her phone on it was a lot of typing it said

Dear everyone

im sorry I was always a bother to you all if u can show this to everyone I mention in this letter ok first dear Cynthia thanks for being my amazing little angle yeah  we have our ups and downs but no matter what I will always love you Im sorry I kissed marcel I should have respected that you like him and I hope you very happy with marcel :)

dear marcel I trust you with all my heart but if I die im going to need you to be strong for me and take care of Cynthia I love you so much don't be scared to show the real you are so cute don't be scared of harry he's weak (no offense Cynthia if your reading this ) I laughed to myself a little

then I continued read well marcel you take care of Cynthia and if you dare hurt Cynthia some how I will hurt you for the rest of you life

I couldn't  read anymore I dropped to the floor and started cry but I got up I whipped my tear and showed marcel his part

Harrys prospective

I was still in the nurse from the beating Daffney gave me when I see zayn run into the nurse with a girl I could not see her face the was blood everywhere I got up and asked zayn what I can help with he said  to hold the cut closed I did zayn then cleaned all the blood and I saw it was Daffney just then doctors bursted in to the room and took Daffney we said we would meet then there on the way to the hospital zayn explained everything I was shocked and right that second I decide that I will no longer bully Daffney I will be her freind

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