Secret life


5. The Date

Cynthia prospective

I was really pissed now right after I tell Daffney I like marcel  she goes off and hugs him arg she thought I didn't see but I did

~Ship rest of the school~

It was 5:30 and I had already finished getting really for the date I put on my favorite red dress then I started to pack my backpack for the sleep over I got a text from zayn saying he was outside. I walk outside to see zayn in some black skinny jeans and a teddy bear shirt u could see all the tattoos on his arm he open the door for me the car ride was pretty quiet so to break the silentys I said after the dinner can u drop me off at daffneys house  because were havind a sleepover zayn nods. then we arrive at this normal but kinda fancy place. we walk in and a nice lady leads up to our seat and start to talk about random stuff but I could not stop thinkin off Daffney being alone with marcel zayn kinda noticed it and asked if I was ok I shook my head no he asked if I wanted to talk about I said yes but we promised not to tell nobody. so I have a crush on marcel but today when u guys wet Daffney and marcel , I saw marcel flirting with Daffney and he had his hand on her shoulder zayn got tense, I know that's noting I mean the are friends but before we went to class marcel pulled her in to a hug inside his sweater because he has not shirt on and on her phone theres a pic of marcel shirtless I could see his face and his abs, zayn looked really mad now. I asked if he was ok

Zayn prospective

Cynthia started telling me how marcels been flirting with Daffney u can see im mad so Cynthia asked if I was ok I said I was not ok because I have a crush on Daffney she looked shocked then ask why we bully marcel then he said because they think it makes them look cool.

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