Secret life


9. Taking it to far

Zayn prospective

Cynthia told something to marcel it must have been pretty bad because marcel is ignoring Daffney and Daffney just ran upstairs crying what the hell is going on so I went up stairs Daffney was locked in her bathroom I knocked on the door you heard a lot of noise then Daffney open the door her eyes were puffy, all I could really do is pull her into a tight hug she started crying into my should I grab her wrist and she kinda flinched I just ignored it for now when we  got to her room I let go of her wrist and the were stains of blood she saw me looking at the cut and quickly but her hands behind her back

Daffney prospective

I ran upstairs crying I locked myself in the bathroom I grabed a sharp knife I had in there because I have been cutting only marcel knew about this and we made a promise that if I cut he cut but now that were not friend that deal is off  so I cut 6 times on my wrist and 3 on each of my hips then 6 on my ribs so when zayn hugged me it hurt really bad but I held it in because I don't want to promise anyone that I would stop. then zayn grabs my wrist and the ones on my wrist were really deep that when he let go my wrist started to bleed then he noticed it I put my hand behind my back but he had already seen Fuck I said under my breath then once again he grab my wrist I tried to pull back but hes like 10x stonger then me he pulled up my sleeve he sat me down

Zayn prospective

I hurt to see she does this thing so I sat here down and she showed me what marcel had told her it must have really hurt right now I was not mad or jealous I was broken because it may seem like im a bad boy with no heart but I did they same thing I have be cutting for 1 year because almost all my aunts died but because im a bad boy I act like I don't care but in the inside im dieing. I started to pull up my sleeve to revile a lot of scars and cuts that I have made then I lifted the side of my shirt and there was a lot too but the there was a huge one I made a long time ago I needed to go to the hospital she look shocked and broken

Daffneys prospective

when zayn had showed my what he had done to him self I was shocked he was a bad boy he shouldn't be broken so I decided I needed to show him what I just did so I lifted my sleeves revling my whole arm covered with new cut old scars then I lifted my shirt showing the ones I just mad and then on my thighs they were coverd with cuts to

Zayns prospective

I felt my heart sink into my chest seeing everything she did to herself she started to cry I also started to cry we stayed like this a while then she let go off me and we went down stairs I felt her grab my hand and squish it

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