Secret life


13. she will never learn

Marcel prospective I was happy that Daffney forgave me but when we got out of class Cynthia came and kissed me I pushed her off because of what happen earlier with harry. she then fell on Daffney

Daffney prospective

after me and marcel came out off the restroom Cynthia came so kiss my marcel my heart sank but then he pushed her off she had fallen on my I knew my stomach was bleeding so I gave marcel a worried look he quickly understood and took Cynthia off me I curled up holding my stomach

Cynthia prospective

that Bitch I knew Harry was right and of course I knew about the stupid cuts harry saw when she white shirt was all red I knew that im not suppose to be so rude to my BFF but she needs to learn to back off marcel, after I fell on her and marcel took me away I got lose from marcel and slapped him as hard as I could then I kicked Daffney in the stomach she got up and ran to the restroom as I was going to run after her marcel grabed my waist and kissed me of course I kissed back

Daffney prospective

so Cynthia stepped on me and she had just come from soccer practice I felt blood wet my stomach when I got to the bathroom I unzipped marcels and saw that the cut were once again open but bigger this time I started to freak out so I went outside the bathroom and saw marcel kissing Cynthia I started to cry but I was bleeding a lot I couldn't really walk anymore so I sat on the floor cry as I started to get dizzy so I called zayn

D= Daffney Z = zayn

Z : hello

D hey zayn are you busy?

Z no why ??

D well I need your help im in the girls b............ * loud crash * everything went dark

Z hello Daffney you there im on my way

Zayn prospective

I hanged up the phone and ran to the girls bathroom I was freaking out when I got there Daffney was on the floor lifeless blood was every were I called the ambulance I tried to hold the cut but it was too big

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