Secret life


2. Secrects plan

Harrys prospective

I was so mad that because of that freak Cynthia is mad at me and that Daffney slapped me so I needed my revenge so me and the boys hudled up ok gut I needed revenge for what that freak did they nodded so at lunch we had to dump a big bucket of ice cold water they nodded but then Liam spoke up what about Cynthia she eats lunch with marcel? well zayn well accidently spill her lunch making her get a new one

Zayn prospective

Harry was telling us the plan but then I thought of Daffney so I asked harry what about Daffney? well that bitch can get wet with the freak she slapped me I was a little mad i always wanted to talk to her she seem cool and brave  like the way she slapped harry was so brave. but we all nodded and went to go get a ice cold bucket of water

~skip class ~

 Cynthia prospective

as we were walking to sit and eat our lunch zayn accidently dropped my lunch im so sorry Cynthia I was not paying attention zayn said I just said it was ok then he said so I can forgive him he will take me out for dinner tonight and buy me a new lunch I smiled and nodded I would like that zayn. ok then lets go get u a new lunch zayn said and I will pick you up at 6:00 I nodded

Marcel prospective

I saw that zayn  dropped cynthias lunch I know it seems harmless but knowing my brother I need that he was going to do something to I excuse my self to the bathroom

Zayn prospective

after getting cynthias lunch were walking back to the table I notice that marcel is not there so I shyly ask Daffney were he is and she said he was in the restroom I excused myself and ran to harry and told him that we cant wet marcel hes in the restroom FUCK!!!!!!!! harry says well I guess we will just have to wait until our next class.

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