Secret life


35. revenge is a bitch

* few weeks later*

Daffneys prospective

I cant belive my wedding is tomorrow everything is perfect, i think zayn is the one


Zayn prospective

tomorrow is my wedding with daffney but I think perrie is the one  

*next day*

Marcels prospective

I woke up extra early today also extra happy ik I should be scared because the plan could fail but I know perrie wasn't gonna fail me

*few hours*

Daffneys prospective

I was getting dressed when I started to wonder if I was making the wrong  choice but then again im sitting in this beautiful dress wondering if I should run away like in those movies

but deep down I knew that I love zayn then I heared a knock on the door snapping me out of my thoughts it was marcel he was telling me it was time for the wedding

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