Secret life


36. revenge is a bitch 2

zayns prospective

I was so nervous for what was about to go down, I look to my right were perrie is seated she gave me a smile and a thumbs up I smile back and turn toward the aisle, the music had started

Daffneys prospective

i stood a in the hall having a anxiety attack when marcel come out of nowhere and gives me a huge hug after a while i heard the music starting which meant it was time, i took my more deep breath before opening the door

Marcel prospective

I walk back to my sit, trying my best to contain my excitement i look over at perrie and she gives me a reassuring smile, I should probably feel bad because im messing up daffneys life but as they say when a window closes a door opens and im gonna be at that door waiting for daffney

Perries prospective

As soon as i see harry being all adorable with his date which I really don't know who it is i get really mad and i reassure myself that what im doing is okay i get revenge on two guys that I've been meaning to hurt, today will probably be the best day of my life

Zayns prospective

The music started and i look up to see daffney looking amazing and i never realized how much i love her, it felt like everything was going in slow motion and every memory we have shared was running through my head and I realized I couldn't go through with the plan, i look over at perrie and it felt as if all the air in my lungs have been blown out, i turn back to daffney and she gives me the most beautiful smile that seems to make all my problems go away, its only a few minutes before the preist ask if anyone apposes I've tried to sigh perrie and tell her the plan is off but shes too busy watching harry

preist: if anyone would now allowe this marriage to happen please stand now or forever whole your peace

perrie : i do

Daffney: i do, every one looks at daffney confused as ever

Daffneys prospective i love you so much but i think we just hurried this wedding to much and don't think that this means I don't wanna marry you because i do but lets just wait zayn nodds and gives me a love filled kiss

Marcles prospective

I was so mad this cant be happening i grabbed my keys and drove away I didn't care if i was going 100 miles per hour all i new was that i was never gonna get daffney and I should just give up, tears started falling down my face and next thing i knew everything had gone black

Cynthia prospective

After daffney outburst at the wedding inwas gonna good talk to marcel and see if hes okay but he started driving off like a maniac I follow him when I suddenly saw him crash I quickly took him back to my hotel and cleaned him up,

A few hours later marcel woke up i was scared that he would yell at me but instead he asked me who he was, this lead me to believe he lost his memory and in that second I thought of the perfect plan so everyone can be happy,

Marcel: who are you??

Cynthia: im your wife, you don't remember me


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