Secret life


7. plan in action

Zayn prospective

me and Cynthia have made a plan to make marcel and Daffney jealous I didn't like the whole couple part but whatever makes Daffney stop talking to marcel

Marcel prospective

when I walked out of the bathroom I saw Cynthia and zayn on the couch cuddling usally I would get really jealous but I didn't this time ok maybe just a little bit so I went sit with Daffney I kinda noticed that's she was cold so I did what I had done earlier I pulled her on my lap she smiled I looked over to Cynthia and right when she saw us she whispered something into zayns ear zayn nodded I was wondering what she had said until I saw here and zayn started to kiss I made a digusted  face, Daffney saw what I was looking at and she just kinda got up and left to the kitchen

Daffneys prospective

as soon as I got zayn kissing Cynthia I got up from harrys lap and went to the kitchen I sat at the table and was looking at the pictures I took of harry this morning at school I laughed to myself then I felt 2 warm arm wrap around me I smile to myself then we both start to look trough the pictures. u want to take more pics I nod then marcel starts to take off of his shirt and next thing I know we were dancing I still had all my shirt  on but marcel I could not stop laughning marcel was such a cutie then he pulled me close to him and kissed me I kissed back It was a long and passionate kiss

Cynthia prospective

when I finished kissing zayn I noticed that nobody was in the living room anymore then I heard laughing from the kitchen so me and zayn went to check it out when we enter the kitchen marcels shirt was on the floor and Daffney and marcel were kissing I got mad I guess also did zayn because I felt him squish my hand hard I cleared my throat marcel looked panick and grab his shirt and walk out the room then Daffney ran after him but I noticed that she left her phone and I look through the pics she had of marcel shirtless so I walked back to the living room and when marcel and Daffney came back they were hold hands that made zayn grab my waist. when they sat down I asked zayn about his tattoos marcel looked panicked zayn then took of his shirt reviling a few tattoos on his chest I started to trace his tattoos with my finger then marcel standed up and said we should play truth or dare we nodded and we got in a circle first was marcel


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