Secret life


33. nobody will know

Marcel prospective

Today is a good day to ruin a relationship especially after he proposed, Daffney is gonna be so sad and as the best friend I will be there for her and then she will fall for me just like last time.

What are you think about so much marcel?

Oh nothing daffney just im so happy for u

Perrie prespective

*stops kissing zayn*

p=Perrie  Z=Zayn

p: I cant do this

Z: don worry we wont get caught Daffney is with marce and she wont be bak until later

P: about that this is a plan from daffney to see if u are truthful to her she is actually on her way home right now she was trying to see if she would caught us kissing

Z: (in his head) well two can play that game) does that mean u don't really want me back?

P: well I do but I still want harry and I want to make him jealous

Z: how about me and u have a friend with benefits kinda thing I can get back at daffney and u at harry

P: that's a amazing plan but I should leave before daffney gets home

*Perrie left*

Zayns prospective: just after Perrie left all the guilt started to get to me how could I do that to daffney I knew I was never over perrie but I had to keep this to myself I was sttig on the couch when daffney came home with marcel, marcel looked kinda surprised I just kinda laughed daffney said he wanted a picture because I looked adorable but before I could smile she snapped the photo. Gosh I hate how shes acting all innocent like she did nothing


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