Secret life


3. new plan

Harrys prospective

so because my stupid brother had to be in the restroom all lunch to I decided to humiliate him in front of the whole school so I told the boys that when he stops by his locker the boys nodded at started to take the bucket of water to marcels locker

Daffneys prospective

cynthias locker was far from ours so as me and marcel walked to each others locker I asked marcel why he ran away at lunch ? umm b-because but before he could answer the prick of liam and niall poured a bucket of ice cold water on top of us  I yelped from the cold I looked at marcel to see if he was ok but he ran away to the bathroom niall and harry and liam and zayn and harry were non-stop laughning at us, I looked at zayn and gave him a dissaponted look cus I have a crush on him but his a big prick as I was walk to the bathroom with one of marcels sweather zayn got a hold of my wet waist and pulled me to him I just pushed him off and ran to the bathroom. when I entered the boys bathroom marcel was in a corner crying I ask if he was ok he looked up and was trying to hid something but I got a hold of his hand to revile his wet white shirt and then I saw a lot of tattoos I was shocked marcel noticed me looking at his tattoos and told me its ok if I didn't want to be his friends :( I pulled marcel into a hug and told I think tattoos are awesome then I showed him my tattoo on my waist hes face lit up. I told him to take of his shirt he hesitated but took off his shirt I could not help but look at his v line  with his 6 pack at he had really kool tattoos he made me promise not to tell Cynthia I nodded and handed him the sweater then he asked me what I was going to wear I some clothes I had in my locker marcel nodded. I could not stop looking at his abs, take a picture it last longer I just laughed and started  taking pics marcels laughs and starts to pose. we started to laugh as we walk out marcel had his arm on my shoulder because I was cold as we walked out the I saw Cynthia she had a sad look on her face fuck I cussed under my breath and took marcels hand off my shoulder and ran after Cynthia

Marcels prospective

I think I was getting feelings for Daffney because she was so sweet and always protectied me and im never going to get a chance with Cynthia because who would leave a guy like harry for a freak like me. I laughed of the thought of Daffney having pictures of me shirtless when we walked out the bathroom Cynthia saw us then ran away then Daffney ran after her

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