Secret life


24. new bad boy

Marcel prospective

Haha there so easy to her caught i knew harry was going to stress out and louis was going to be there to help by kissing him all better i never really had proof that was just photo shoped i mean i was the school nerd before so i burst into harrys room clicking my camera this was awesome louis was on top of harry they were both shirtless there lips touching it was the perfect pictures i then ran away laughing gosh i never thought that i would ever had so much contral over my brother the guy that had made my life a living hell so now it was my turn to make his life a living hell

Daffneys prospecttive

Zayn has been acting diffrent he always with my at all time im wondering why i will ask him later because right now hes cooking i didnt see marcel go to class all week and i was wondering whats up so i told zayn i was going for walk alone and would be back soon he nodded i started walking to marcels house when i got to his door there was marcel Smoking weed with harry and louis harry looked scared i wonder why like never would i ever thought that harry would be scared of marcel but then again marcel looked really diffrent but i dont mind so i walk up to marcel

Hey marcel

What you want bitch

Umm i was just wondering why you havent been at school

Well because im populae now learn about it

Wow marcel what happen to you

Nothing im just popular

Um yestarday you left me waiting for you

Oh yea im sorry how about a sorry kiss

marcel youve changed an but before i could finsh talking he crashed his lips on to mine i tryed to make him stop but he had been working out and was stronger than me

After a while of trying to fight him off i just gave up then he pulled me inside his room putting his hands

Marcel prospective

I felt bad using my strenght for daffney can kiss me its not right especially on daffney but im a bad boy now and i shouldnt care i layed her down on my bed not dissconnecting out lip i took my shirt off i had a six pack now then i went for daffneys shirt thats when she started fighting agian but once agian i am stronger then her so i was able to pull it off she started to cry so i kissed her harder and thats when zayn burst trough the door and punches me

Zayn prospevtive

I needed to follow daffney to make sure she doesnt cut even thoe i had he blade so a little after she left i turned the stove off and followed her i saw her walk up to marcel he was smoking weed he look so diffrent it was just like wow i never thought i would see that but i saw daffney get close to him and marcel call her a bitch im just like in shock marcel would never say something like that but then she did something that made want to go punch him in the face he had kissed daffney she tryed to fight him off but he was stronger and made her stop fighting that's when he started to pull her inside so i started to walk to his house when harry and Louis blocked the door i tried to  push them but the wouldn't move that's when i heard daffney start to cry and i just punched both harry and Louis on the stomach they fell to the floor in pain

I followed the crying noise it was coming from marcels room so i ran in to his room and saw that marcel was forcing daffney to have sex so i pushed him off daffney grabbed her shirt and ran to the bathroom

Daffney prospective

I ran to the bathroom i just really needed to cut so i took of my case looking for my blade but it wasnt i started to freak out Fuck Fuck i just started to scream but i calmed myself and i put my shirt back on and went to get zayn i just wanted to go home and cuddle with zayn

When i went back to marcels room and zayn and marcel were in a big fist fight i pulled zayn by his wrist but he pulled back and told me to go home that he would meet me there i said no

Zayn i want you to go home with me

But daffney i need to teach this fucker a lesson what he did to you was really bad and i will hate him forever

I ran back to the bathroom in stress

I just needed to release the stress so i went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife but as soon as i was going to walk back to the bathroom i felt sombody grab my wrist i just stood there froozen

Daffney was is that i hear zayns voice behind me

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