Secret life


26. My sweet angel

Daffneys prospective

Daffney will you go to a family dinner with me i really want you to meet my family. I would love too zayn i said giving him a kiss.

We then went to sleep i had a hard time sleeping because inboy sure of My feeling for perrie ik that when she cheated on me i was heart broken but know i dont know what i would feel if i say her friday , i was never really over her. I need to stop thinking like that i love Daffney and thats all that matters

Next day

P: Perrie M: Marcel

M: okay perrie well everything is ready for tomorrow, you know the plan right

P: yes i kiss zayn and u bring Daffney home and she will see them

Perrie perspective

I know that what im doing is wrong but i just wanna make harry mad he just used me and know i bet he found sombody else he just left me

Zayn prospective

The dinner with My partents was at 8pm and it was 7:30 and i started to get ready and so did Daffney by 6:50 we were both ready Daffney was wearing a light pink strapless long dress and i was wearing a black suit with a light pink tie so Daffney can match. When we got to the restaurant My family greeted Daffney with so much love ,the whole family was there i was so happy

Daffney prospective

I loved zayns family they were just so sweet, the cutest little girl came up to me and gave me a hug she was so sweet. I couldn't seem to find zayn so i started to play paddy cake with the little girl when i saw her looking at my arm and she asked what was i just panicked and said i needed to use the restroom.

Zayns prospective

I was looking for Daffney when a my little cousin asked what were those marks on Daffneys arm right away i knew what she was talking about but how was i suppose to explain to a 10 year old kid that my girlfriend cuts herself

So instead i said that

Daffney is a angel that was sent from heaven and she wanted to go back because she thought that it better in heaven but then she meet me and decide to stay with me forever,

My little cousin looked amazed omg omg Daffney is a angel can she get anymore amazing. I smiled at her and said u wanna know a secret she nodded her head rapidly then i said today i will ask my angle to marry me 💍

She was soo happy

I saw Daffney come out of the bathroom so i told my cousin to shh and she nodded then Daffney came and sat next to me i gave her a

Kiss on the cheek and thats when i stood up and got my family's attention everyone got quiet and thats when i got on one knee and pulled out the box and ring

Daffney will you marry me

Yes zayn i will

I slide the ring on her ringer and then gave her a kiss

Everybody started cheering

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