Secret life


21. more drama

Marcel prospective

When i got home i couldnt stop thinking about the kiss that i totally forgot that i was dating cynthia so i told her what had happen and she got so mad but then i told her it didnt mean anything to me but she was still mad we went to bed but in the morning when i got up cynthia wasnt there i didnt really care i thought she was shoping

Daffneys prospective

I woke up to feel zayns stfrong arms still around me i tryed to get lose but hes to strong but i keeped trying until he said the more u struggle the stronger i hold you i just smiled at him then he finally let me go then i heard a knock at the door and it was cynthia i was so happy to see her i told her that i got my memorie back then i hugged her but as i was hugging her i felt something stab me in the back i cant belive cynthia just stabbed me in the back w-why

Because i fucking told u to stay away from marcel bitch then she left i was on the floor while bleeding i wanted to call to call out to somebody but i couldnt things were going black then i heard screaming but i couldnt see who it was

Harrys prospective

After me and perrie had sex i thought she would me sore so i went downstairs to get her some hot choclate and some food when i got downstairs i went to the living room because i thought i heard the door a little bit ago and right when i walk in i see daffney on the the floor blood around her the first thing thats comes to my head is she fucking cut herself again but as i got closer i saw she was bleeding from her back i startes to scream for zayn and call 991 zayn came running downstairs and when he saw her he didnt know what to do then 911 came then they took her it turns out everything was ok and she can go home

Zayns prosective

Im glad nothing happen to daffney but who did that to here while she was in the hospital getting her pain pill i moved her stuff in my room so that i can take care of her and thats when i heard the door open and i ran downstairs and gave daffney the biggest hug ever harry said she needed rest so i grabed her hand and took her upstairs

Daffneys prospective

I cant belive that cynthia would do that to me i thought she was my best freind but i got snaped out of my thought when zayn hugged me then took me upstairs because i need rest and to tell u the truth i really wanted to cuddle with zayn so i told him to take a nap with he agreed and layed down with me he hugged my as i slowly fell asleep later on i started to get kinda cold so i put my hand in zayn shirt i guess he kinda undedstud because he took off his shirt and pulled my closer

Marcels prospective

Becuase cynthia wasnt home i decides to show my iner bad boy so i jumped in the shower to take the gell off when i got out the shower i dryed my hair but on some black skinny jeans with a navy shirt some converse and a beanie and i left to a party

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