Secret life


34. lies and more lies

Marcels prospective

Wtf when we got to daffney house perrie wasnt there i wonder if zayn really is that faithful arg when we got there it was suppose to be heart break and bestfriend and hate but instead there was love and kisses and adorable pictures

Zayn prospective

Right after marcel left daffney went upstairs and I started to text perrie

Z=Zayn P=perrie

Z: hey i have the perfect plan

P: do tell

Z: so daffney must be madly inlove with me especially becuase i passed her stupid test and i can ask her to move the wedding closer and when the preist asks if anyone would like to stop tge wedding to please stand me and u will stand i will get back at daffney and harry is probably gonna be there and u would get back at him too

P: wow ur smart and sexy but u are willing to lose daffney for me

Z: well yea i mean i love her but i never got

Over u

Perries prespective

Marcel was with me the whole time me and zayn texted

Wow perrie I actually thought u failed but u did better then I thought

Yea i can finally have harry back wow it's gonna hurt zayn when i say i dont really love him

Daffney prospective

I got up for school i knew I should probably wake zayn but he lookesd to comfortable i left him anyway today was gonna be a busy day first school then were gonna go to get a wedding planner he asked if we could get married earlier then before and i accepted i belive zayn is the one for me

Hey its daffney sorry for the short chapter but i wont beable to post a chapter tomorrow because *drum roll* its my birthday 😆🎉

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