Secret life


4. Jealousy

Daffneys prospective

I was running after Cynthia because she saw me with marcel I finally  reached up to her and asked what is wrong I looked into her light green eyes getting all watery. I pulled her into a then she mummled I liked marcel and seeing him with his arm on ur shoulder made me get jealous I was shocked but then I said how about tonight we all have a sleep over at my house

Cynthias prospective

Daffney said we should have a sleep over so me and marcel can get to know each other more I like the idea Daffney but I have to say no, why Daffney asked conufused well because im going to dinner with zayn oh is all she said

Daffney prospective

when Cynthia told me that she was going to dinner with zayn I got kind of jealous because I cant flirt with her crush  but she can with mine I was mad but all I said was well u can go after ur date she nodded I got up and said I was going to tell marcel she nodded and walked to her locker.

Marcel prospective

when Daffney got back I asked what was wrong with Cynthia she said that she was ok nothing was wrong that she was checking her locker for a sweather for her  but didn't find one I open my sweater fast and pull her into a hug. I guess we will just have to share a sweater she giggles.


Daffney prospective

when I get to my locker harry starts asking what wrong with Cynthia I said she was just getting me a sweater  because I was cold then marcel pulls me in too his sweater I put my hands around his waist feeling a heat let I let go and told marcle that were having a sleep over at my house he nodded and we all left to class

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